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Doesn't like to be picked up!?

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Thanks to everyone who helped me! It was greatly appreciated .
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Some kitties just don't feel secure when you pick them up, they're feet are off the ground and when you flip their over you're exposing the cat's belly. When cats fight some tend to go for the belly and shred with their back claws, it's a very tender area. This is why some cats don't like it touched or will kick and bite when you rub it.

She may like to be held but prefers it to be on her terms, when she chooses to jump up and climb in your lap.
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It's quite normal for kitties If they came from a stray or semi feral background they may never be comfortable with it.

Does she come up to you? or if you pat the sofa seat/bed will she jump up and sit next to you? If not you could use toys and treats to encourage her to jump up and sit near you. From there she'll decide if she wants to move closer or lay on you.
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When we got Neffie she was living in a basment and hated all humans. Just wouldn't let anyone get close to her, not to touch her, pet her , pick her up, nothing. She lived like this for 7 years and so now that she's out of that situation and living with us, we find daily that she has quirks, like wanting to be queen of the roost,(which doesn't sit well with the current king, Twig) She is very finicky about who can come near her and how close they can get too. She will let DH and I get close enough to pet her but not at the same time, and she will rub on our legs for pettings. She likes to play with a red string and her mouse mouse. ALL the time 24/7 if she had her way. But the biggest thing we can't figure out is we try to pick her up and she FREAKS out! She crys, squirms and does everything in her power to get away from being in your grasp, then when she's back on the floor she gives you the dirtiest look and walks away.
So we have tried something that reinforces that we aren't going to hurt her and that her being picked up isn't a bad thing. We pick her up, let her go when she gets upset but when she gets down we give her treats so she knows she's a good girl for letting us pick her up. She's doing ok now, she still hates to be picked up but isn't freaking out everytime now, just about 90% of the time.(which for her is very good)
SO maybe you could try this with your kitty, it might work, it might not. Or I could be giving you the completely wrong advice. I'm just telling you what seems to be helping us with our 7 year old addition.

Good luck with her.
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Neffie(Nefertiti is her real name) is a girl. Like I said, she is very quirky. I believe that your cat will come around in time. It took Isis and Luna awhile to warm up to us, (they were feral cats) but they are sweethearts now and don't mind being picked up, and in time, Neffie will relax and realize noone will hurt her here like they did. Hopefully then she will allow us to pick her up without being so afraid.
Maybe something in Baby Girls past is causing her to act this way? I hope someday with alot of love and patience your cat will realize you mean her no harm and she will let you pick her up. If not please realize, no two cats are the same and love her for who she is no matter if she does or doesn't let you pick her up because she still loves you, she is probably just afraid.
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When you pick up a cat you need to immediately get your hand under her feet for support - from your description it sounds as if you may only be picking her up under the front legs and letting the rest hang, which is very uncomfortable, so keep that in mind.
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Hi, Our two big boys, Panther and Rusty don't like to be picked up, We have had both of them since they were little kittens, Panther is real friendly to people he knows and loves attention but he won't let me pick him up and hold him. Rusty is afraid of anything new to him.

Cozmo on the other hand lets just about anyone carry him around, I have seen little kids carry him around in a plastic shopping bag and he loves it. If I am standing looking out the window on the back door Cozmo will jump up right in front of me so I have to catch him almost as a reflex so I can hold him up to the window to look outside with me. I can carry him upside down in one arm and rub his belly while walking around the house.

I can sometimes hold Panther or Rusty by the back door window but only if they have there front feet resting on the door and they have there back feet on my arm, I assume they feel they have more control over whats going on that way.
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My cat Palas doesn't like to be held either. He will allow me to pick him up...but then he expects for something to happen like being taken somewhere. When he realizes I just wanted affection, he escapes asap. But then he will come around and lay on me when I'm sleeping. I think sometimes they are doing their thing, whatever that is, and don't want to be restrained until they are ready.
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One of mine, Radar, LOVES to be picked up and carried around on his back like a baby, or over a shoulder.

He however, is a bit of an exception. Most cats do not actively enjoy being picked up, and some really despise it.

I wouldn't force the issue with her as she may come to distrust you if you force her to do something she doesn't like. Obviously there are times when a cat has to be picked up, but I wouldn't do it unless you have to. Let her come to you for affection, and respect her boundaries.
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My cat doesn't like to be held except on rare occasions and then only like a baby by me while standing. It wasn't what I expected in a cat but I have my quirks too--don't like my ears touched or hair carressed--so it makes sense my cat can have his.
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