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Help please! I found 4 kittens tonight!!

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Please help me, tonight I have found 4 abandoned kittens, I assume they are about 10 days old. Their eyes are partially opened, they are 14cm long (streched, without tail).

Please help me, it's 4am here, I have no available vet or pet shop working. What to feed them with? And how to feed them?

They are quiet, asleep, I suppose the person that left them in a bag let them have their last meal just before dumping them.

I have no experience with cats at all. I have a rabbit here, and I am not letting him (it's a male) come near kittens. He's not interested in them, anyway.

I put them in a box with some old cloth beneath them. They are all breathing, sleeping, and I believe they are dreaming. They look peaceful now.

Please help me a.s.a.p! 4 little innocent lives depend on me tonight!!

Thank you

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Check out www.kitten-rescue.com That should have everything you need....including how to make your own formula.

Try a syringe or eye dropper if you've got it. Those are my best suggestions! Ask more questions if you've got any....there's tons of people here to help you out!
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Well, if you think they have been fed than maybe they can hold out untill mornign. Or check out that site she gave you and make your own if you can. But for now the main thing is to get them warm and away from anyharm. Then as soon as a store opens, go get some KMR (kitten milk replacer) there. Or if they don't have it get it form your vet. Get a kitten bottle too. Then feed them all, and keep them warm,and stimulate them so they go to the bathroom. Good luck!

BTW Welcome to TCS!

Do they look healthy or thin?
and what do there bellies feel like, skinny, or round?
I found that after checking out thiat website thta this page is really helpful with feeding.
and this page for pooing and peeing info
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The previous posts basically give you all the advice I could possibly give so I will just tell you that you are doing a wonderful thing and if these kittens were able to, they would definetly tell you how much they appreciate what you are doing
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How wonderful you took these little guys in!
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~Wow you found them in a bag at 4am? Wow how awefl somebody dumped them like that. Again everyone has given you the best advice. If they have eaten recently thry should be able to wait until 7-8am...you will know if they start whining and getting restless. Also main thing is stimulating them to go to the bathroom. Im sure that can be pretty uncomfortable needing to "GO" and cannot....Good luck and what a wonderful thing you are doing~
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oh my what is the matter with people

Dearest Marina, you are doing a wonderful thing you are going to be just great, we are all here to help and support you, so please feel free to drop back anytime to ask anything at all as you can see theres lots of members with experience & knowledge

Keep us posted on progress and a big thank-you for taking in the little ones
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theres not much more i can say that hasnt already been said , but thank you so much for giving these little ones a chance.
and remember they need to be kept warm , they get cold so quickly which will led them to not feed , and possibly death.
a cold kitten wont feed. if you can get rice socks and heat them up?? or a heat pad and set it to low.
good luck and please keep us updated.
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Kittens seem allright now. I've just finished feeding them, and they are sleeping like babies. Now i am tryimg to locate a pet shop with (as vet sugested) Royal Canin Baby cat milk. Any advices on that?

Thank you all for your suport and advices, i read it all, and i am massaging their bellies, I am almost a regular mom cat

We had a rough night, but it's all over now. Bunny also had stomach troubles, but he's (thx heavens!) allright now.

I have to find someone to take care of babies, asap. I started bonding with them, and that's frightening me. Can't afford to keep them in a flat, with the bunny (and the rest of the family)....

I will keep you informed of kittens' progress

Thank you all!
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Petco and Petsmart should carry this. The vet doesnt? thats odd. I would just go through the yellow pages in your phone book, and look for all the petstores. Then call them upand ask themm if they carry it. If they dont car ry that specific stuff then just go get what they have.
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Most pet stores and vet offices should have the Royal Canin Baby food or KMR will work too.
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How wonderful that you took these little babies in and are taking care of them. I can't believe someone would just dump off tiny babies like that

Glad to hear you got them to eat. Please keep us posted.
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tahts good news there doing well. i agree iv not used royal canin kitten milk , but i use there food and i recommend that to everyone. if you have trouble finding this then KMR will be fine , or something called lactol ( we get that here in the uk) not sure of anywhere else though. good luck
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Kitties seem allright. I am feeding them with syringe. This morning they ate 10ml of formula, each. Much more then yesterday.

Only one pooped so far. And they left just little poo on the cloth underneath them. That worries me, but 3 vets told me it's ok not to have stool for day or 2. ????

I am massaging their bellies, and they pee gladly. They even pee without my help. But what to do with poo?

Btw, now they are really noisy and vigorous. They somehow learnt how to suck, and now they are trying to vacuum my fingers. Really strong little sucking machines.

Please tell me what to do next, how to make them poo.

Last night my mom helped me feed them, and she was so natural. Without too much emotions or unnecessary distractions. She was great. Now i am trying to follow her example, and it seems to work.

Thank you all for your concern. Your advices helped me a lot with them so far!

I also got this link http://www.petcaretips.net/abandoned_kitten_care.html, and it was usefull, too.

I hope these kitties will be allright...

Hug you all,


p.s. i found a home for all of them, when they become independent
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Here are some pics...

The bunny (Žika - (fr)Jean, Event, Key, Aisle) - find the plush toy!

Babies, 2 days ago

Tiger (my favourite), yesterday

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When kittens go from mother's milk to a formula, they can get constipated for a while. With the orphans that I've cared for in the past, I didn't rub their bellies to get them to go, you have to rub their behinds. Some people use cotton balls, I used toilet paper (it absorbed more liquids).

Stimulate them after every feeding then bathe them with a warm cloth to remove any excess formula and any waste. I filled up a bowl with warm water and used a washcloth for this. Wring out as much water as you can as you don't want to get them wet, only damp. Then wrap them in a towel or hold them for a while until they dry. A wet kitten can get chilled and sick very quickly.

I used syringes with mine because they wouldn't take to a bottle. But I have heard a lot of warnings that if you have to plunge the syringe, you can flood their lungs with formula and drown them. Mine were very stong "suckers" and it sounds like yours are the same. Just be careful with the syringe and make sure they are drawing in and you are not plunging the formula.

Are you burping them after feedings? They often burp simply by massaging them as you clean them.

The last litter that I cared for were 10 days old when their feral mother was killed. I knew this for a fact as I saw them the day she gave birth. I know every litter is different, but my guess is by your pictures that yours are more like 12-13 days old. I took pictures every last day to see how they grew.
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It sounds like you are doing a wonderful job with these babies.

Well done sweetie, your a star for taking them in and being their substitute mommy x x x x
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WOW! You are doing such a great job, i'm so happy for you!! Keep up the good work, and keep us posted!

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They are such cuties! It sounds like things are going well so far. I'm glad you will be able to find them homes when they are old enough.
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you sound like you're doing a great job. I bought my KMR from Petco, and I also used a syringe, because they couldn't figure out a bottle. Make sure to feed them about every 2 hours, and use a warm washcloth to stimulate them to go to the bathroom. If they poop by tomorrow, add about a drop of Karo syrup to each of the syringes, it should help things move along. Good luck. This was my bottle baby at about 2 weeks old

And this is him a few months ago, a picture his new mommy sent to me.

As much hard work as bottle babies are, when you pictures like this, it makes it all worth it.
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oh things sound like they are going really well

nothing to add, just think you are wonderful for caring for the little ones and now you have also managed to get them homes well done !!
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A short report:

kittens are walking and talking, sucking like crazy. Now we switched to 15ml each, every meal. We have 4-5 meals/day, depends of the situation. They are like little tanks without bottom, eating everything.

I couldn't make them poo, again, but i see some microscopic poo marks on the cloth underneath them. their bellies are quite normal, not swallen at all, they pee regulary, and also started peeing by themselves. It seems that they somehow manage to empty their bellies, and they don't want to tell me how.

A vet told me to try and grease their butts with cotton club. i did it yesterday, and it seems to help, judging by those poo marks on the cloth.
I am a bit puzzled how they manage to hide it from me, but someone told me perhaps they eat the poo (whew!).

Some yesterday's pics:

They are regular cutties now. Mom taught me how to fasten up feeding process. Last night we played with these little fur balls. They are gorgeus.

They are errecting their tails, and walking, not crawling. Every time they are faster and more secure on their little feet. I guess it will soon be time to let them feed on their own.

It will be hard to give them away.
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oh they are little cuties, I love it when they start standing and trying to run on their wobbly little legs.

Bless them....they are beautiful and you are doing a wonderful job of taking care of these babies. x x x
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Oh my, aren't they the cutest little things! You are so wonderful to take these little ones in. Thanks for the photos - more please
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They're adorable. Thank you for taking care of them!
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They are gorgeous! You truly are doing a wonderful job.

I would like to chime in on finding homes for them, though. Please do not take this the wrong way. I do not know you're location, but... Please charge a small adoption fee. Even $25. People who are willing to pay a little bit of $$ for a pet are more likely to care for it. Also make sure they will all be spayed/neutered. You might consider contacting a rescue organization, see if they will help you place the kittens. That way, you could ensure they're fixed, etc.
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Originally Posted by mala_marina View Post
I guess it will soon be time to let them feed on their own. (
I have to giggle on this one. For the life of me I couldn't get my last bottle feds to wean. I had them so spoiled that they wanted me to continue to feed them. At 8 weeks we had to force the issue by giving them to a vet tech for a few days. We couldn't say no to their little demands and they wouldn't take no for an answer.

So beware. If you over spoil them, they won't want to eat on their own!!
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Well, about finding home for them... I live in Serbia (most of your probably heard for this unfortunate country, '99, Slobodan Milosevic, Kosovo etc etc). Charging for a kitten would be impossible. But I am not giving any of these precious little fellows to strangers. Adopters are my close friends, and I am sure they will take good care of kitties.

So far I am happy with their progress. They are sucking like crazy, and they are not nervous or irritated, as I can see. I let them run around my bed. Can't let them crawl around on the floor, because of the bunny - I don't want to introduce them, since none of them had their vaccination yet - the bunny is about 5 months old, he's a youngster, too.

My only problem now is their loudness. They are crying really loud, and my family is a bit irritated. But that happens only when they're hungry.

So far we advanced to 17ml of formula each, every feeding, 4 times/day.
I guess they are a bit older than I assumed, since they are walking on their own and keeping their tails high. And they got used to a 5ml syringe. They empty it quickly, even without spilling. I guess they are almost 3 weeks old now.

I completed kittens' profiles, and here they are:

1. Tiger. Smallest one. Fighter. Explores and sees everything. Loudest. The gang leader. Likes knitting and paragliding.

2. Tiger Shadow. Tiger's double for action scenes. Vigorous. Quiet, but persistant. Enjoys solving sudoku and jogging.

3. Chubby Gray. Slow in game, but good as goalkeeper. Likes his coffee with 2 spoons of sugar, prefers blonds and motorcycling.

4. Little Gray. Little. Gray. The most handsome of the crew, part-time gigolo. Loves swimming in the sea and yoga.

When should we switch to solid food, and to which kind of it? Please have in mind that here we have a limited choice, only Royal Canin, Whiskas, and maybe few more commercialized brands.

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you can start offering food to them when there between 4-6 weeks old , some kittens will take to it at 4 weeks others wont untill 6 weeks. royal canin is a very good choice of kitten food , whiskers is ok as a treat type one but can sometimes upset there tummys.
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Aren't they a bunch of sweeties!!!!!!!!!!
What darling little faces!

You're doing a GREAT job with them...it's NOT easy caring for bottle babies! They certainly seem to be thriving. You will most likely want to wait until the kittens are between 10-12 weeks before re-homing. That way they have been well-socialized from each other, and have taught each other some manners and appropriate kitty-behaviors.

As far as weaning, if they are 3 weeks, you could start introducing some diluted solids to them by week 4 or 5. Take the KMR or formula, and mix in a couple of tablespoons of Royal Canin canned Baby Cat into it, to create a porridge, and set it out in a shallow dish. The most they may do with it at first is dip their paws in it, or play in it, but like any baby, it's a start. Once they figure out how to taste it and eat the mixture, you can gradually over a week or 2 begin reducing the formula, and increasing the canned kitten food, until they are switched over to the canned variety completely. By weeks 6 or 7, they may be ready to try crunching on a bit of dry kitten food...just mix about a tablespoon into their regular canned food, or you could just leave a little dish of it out at all times so they can explore it on their own. By weeks 4.5 to 5, they should be going potty on their own, so just leave a pan (a shallow foil lasagna pan should work) of litter nearby, so that you can begin setting them in their "litterbox" about 5-10 minutes after meal times, so they can learn to scratch and dig in it. Their natural instincts will soon kick in to begin going potty there, and burying their waste.

Good luck...you're doing great!
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