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:clap: I got goats!!!

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My family and i have been wanting goats for a while now. Especially my sister. But we were going to wait untill summer.

We were planning on going to this Small exotic animal swap meet today 2 hours from us. It started at 6 and ended at noon. So we got up bright and early and were on the road at 6 30. Because there was NO way i was gonna get up way before6 to make it there by then. So we got there planing on just getting some laying hens. Because all we thoiugt that would be there was racoons, turkey, chickens, pigeons, geese, and doves. and yes they were all there. But there was TONS of other animals and animal supplies there too. I wish that thing was every day. I mean you name it they had it. Horses (mini too, i wanted one but we didnt 'have atrailer to take it home in), dogs, cats, birds (of ALL kinds, there was this one old lady who brought two HAND raised parakeets,and they can sing along to the andy griffet (sp?) theme song, they were cool), rats, mice, rabbits, guinea pigs, guinea chicken things, goats, and sheep. And there was MUCH more. And tons of cages for animals and other supplies too. All the pets and stuff were priced really good. I got a nice new rabbit cage for only 20 bucks. Thankgod we forgot our checkbook in the truck, and just had cash with us!!

So now here is the story of the goats:
So I'm walking along drinkin my capachino, we'd only been in there for about 40 seconds, when i spotted this *adorable* white baby goat, and so hes cute so i have to walk right up to him, and i asked the old owners if i could pet him and they said yes. So the rest of my family walks up to and we're petting him and his fur is SO soft. We decide to get him and he comes with this cute little collar and leash. He is a alpine goat. Hes weaned too (i saw TONS of other baby goats, but alot of them weren't weaned and were still on the bottle, and i'm only here every other week, and so i won't be home to feed them twice a day) he needs to be neutered and i think we are going to get that done this week. But i love him! And he was ONLY 35 bucks. BTW his name is Bubba (but my sister hasn't decided whether or not to change that yet)

Then we're walking along, carrying him, since hes too slow when he walks behind us, he keept wanting to stop and play withthe other goats. So we were thinking thta we better pick up another onoe so hes not lonely. But we want to get some guineas first. So we get some guineas from a guy. And then we decide to leave them there, go back and get a traveling cage, stick the goat int he back in the pet tote (since hes not heavy but carryinghim for a while wears out your arms forsure) and then go back for the birds. on the way there we spot the rabbit cage, so we buy that. them we get over there where the guinea are put them in the rabbit cage. Then we realize that this guy has goats. So we go check them out and he has the sweeteest little black one. and he is neutered. so we carry him, and then pick up some bantam chickens. BTW his name is Chase.

So i am carrying him to the truck which is a ways away. and i 'm tellin gmy family that hes sliping from my hands and i neeed hellp. well my mom and step dad didn't hearme, and my sister did but didnt' say or doanything. jeez. so he slips from my arms , and right before he hits ground, he jumps and takes off down the road. I endup running (faster than i ever have before) after him for 1 mile and a 1/2 across a busy town that i've only been in a couple times, and i am completly lost. it was terrible. i never knew a baby goat could run that fast or that i could run that fast. so then i am nearlly passing out because i'm SO tired. so i round up some guys that are standing aroundtalking that looked like farmers (the holy shirts showing hairy bellys clued me in) and they helo me catch them. at the time it wasn't funny AT ALL. but the one smaller skinnner guy takes his coat off and starts to herd the goat or something with his coat like they do to wild bulls. and after running another half mile we corner him to run into a backyard that had a fence that was *thankfully* cracked open a bit. so we run into that after him, close the gait and FINALLY get him. then i'm freakin gout because i can't find my sister stepdad or mom, and i'm standign around withmy goat and some weird holy-shirted hairy guys. when they pull up around the corner thank ful that they found me and that i found the goat.
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Wow that sure turned out long. sorry. i like to ramble. anyway i'm gonna try a nd post some p ics tomorrow if i can.
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i can't wait to see pictures!!
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What an adventure! I don't think it was too long. The way you told it, I could see it all happening. It is funny NOW, but you had to be really worried a few times. I can picture you standing there with the strange men with arms full o' goat! Please do post pics soon My favorite farm animal has always been goats.
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That was so nice of those guys to help you out! That's pretty funny about the bull technique. I can just picture it... too bad someone couldn't get a pic.

I bet you're exhausted! I'm glad you caught him. How did you find your parents?
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I will post some pics when I get home today. They are pretty cute

I bet you're exhausted! I'm glad you caught him. How did you find your parents?
Yes, I was very tired! Not some much today though. I guess they saw the direction I went in, and all of a sudden they just pulled up around the corner.
I bet it was funny to see us all running after the goat.I wonder what the people living in the houses have to think. All of a sudden a goat flys through their back yard andthen a bunch of people after him. We must have looked pretty stupid!
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well i figured i wouuld try to get some pics when i was doing my c hores. so i got a pic of the white goat but then my battery went dead. so i will try to get some more pics of him and the other one too wheni get home today.
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thats a great looking goat
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aww what a sweetie - I always wanted miniature goats when we lived on a farm, DH was never completely convinced so it never happened

You are so gonna have a great time with your new furries

Keep us posted on and of course photos too
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Awww! What a little angel! I wish i had a place to keep a goat.. he looks like a cute little reindeer almost!
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I wish i could post more pics, but i am at my dads, where i left my rechargable batteries,but i don't have the goats here to take any pictures. Thats too bad. But i hope to have some by next Friday/Thursday!
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I'm extremely jealous

I want a cute little goat - small one - would name her Bluebell - but DH for some reason won't let me have one - keeps threatening to turn Bluebell into goat sausage!
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Haha! Thats funny, but make sure to warn him first, that goat sausage is extremly groess and discusting. I've had it. And Bluebell wouldbe a very cute name, I would just find one and bring it home, you can't say no to a cute goat! But goodluck finding a female, breeders, and goat milkers usually don't sell them, and if they do they are pretty expensive.
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Beautiful goat! I can't wait to see more pics of your babies.
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