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OMG Tammy! I will keep Seth and You in my prayers...give him a kiss for me.....
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Sending more Iowan vibes to you and little Seth...may God bless you and keep you both...

I have a lot of faith that all will be well soon...sending hugs, prayers, and tons of vibes.
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Still keeping you and Seth in my thoughts. In case you're interested (you mentioned doing research), it's spelled pleural effusion. It means a build up of fluid in the pleural space, around the lung. I know that sounds scary, but it's treatable and he could possibly recover from it on his own. I hope it stays mild and gets better, but if they do need to do a chest tube it will at least remove the fluid and hopefully make breathing easier. Keep in mind that, while all these procedures, drugs and IVs are scary, they will help Seth's body kick that pneumonia's butt. Try not to get too into the medical side of it........a lot of online resources list worse case scenarios and can be very overwhelming if you're not familiar with the terminology. I really recommend that you not search online too much lest you make yourself more worried. Let the doctors worry about all the medical mumbo jumbo. You just focus on your boy. I know Seth can come back stronger than ever.
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Sending a ton of {{{vibes}}} to you and Seth!
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Sending lots of good thoughts and prayers for you and Seth. He will beat this!
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i know where that hosptial is,

I hope he feels better soon. pnemonia is a real pain, i am sure after a couple of days there he will be a alot better. just remember it can take a long time to fully get over it.
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I'm sending prayers your way.

I went through something similar myself a few years ago. It was very scarey for me as an adult. I can only imagine what it's like for a small child.

He is in the best place he can be right now and sounds like he's getting all of the appropriate treatment.

If you feel like you don't understand something, don't feel bad asking the nurse or doctor to explain it to you in plain English so that you understand what they are doing and why. Knowing these types of things will help alleviate some of your fears.

Also, make sure you take care of yourself so that you can take care of him. The last thing you need to do is burn yourself out. Make sure you get away from the bedside and take some breaks for yourself and clear your head.
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I will keep him in my prayers.
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Thank you everyone.Seth's temp is 102.8 right now.They just gave him another breathing treatment,so I thought I'd hop on here for a sec and update eveyone.
As for the looking things up,I just couldn't bring myself to do that.I remember what I when Sis found that lump.And I can't handle reading anything that will scare me more than I already am.
I asked the Dr. why if Seth is getting so much sicker,they put another little one in here with us.They are so packed with kids with RSV and pnemonia.But, as soon as one comes open,Seth will be moved BACK into one....or into isolation.
HUGS everyone.
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and {{{vibes}}} for little Seth, Sis. Take care of yourself too....
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I am thinking and praying for your little boy and sending lots of good vibes. He is in the best place to get better. Take care
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i'm glad his temperature went down....still sending prayers.
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Just sending some and Get Well soon
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*Hugs for you, Seth and the rest of your family*

I'll send prayers and vibes for you two
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Tammy Seth is in my prayers. You are too sweetie. Be strong!
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Tammy you are in my thoughts and prayers!
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Oh my lots of positive healing ((((((vibes)))))) whizzing over from Spain - hang in there, theres tons of love and support coming at you & yours
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Continued vibes being sent your way today
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Prayers and {{{{{healthy vibes}}}}} for Seth.
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More {{{{{vibes}}}}}, and on their way!
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Hoping this morning finds Seth much better. More prayers for the both of you.
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How terrifying for you I hope that you see some improvement soon
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Just catching up with this thread - having had pnuemonia three times now, I know how scary it can be. ADding my thoughts and vibes to everyone else's - remember that positive thinking brings positive results, so think good thoughts and put your faith in the medical staff. Many for you and yours!!!
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Oh, I'm so sorry. I'm sending tons and tons of
((((((( GOOD HEALING VIBES ))))))) and lots of prayers.
And also a big giant ((((((((HUG))))))))
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Sorry, I'm just now seeing this thread. Sending many prayers for Seth.
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Hey Tammy, How are you holding up? I hope you are eating and getting some sleep at least Let Seth know that there are a lot of crazy cat ladies/men praying for him
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ok new update
Seths temp went down to 100.3 right now.He had a rough night with very little sleep.
We had the room to ourselves--considered Private.Until they brought in a little boy.I paid for the room to be private so that we could have some peace,but they are full.
They are concerned still as they still do not hear any air moving on the right side.Seth is favoring that side still also.....meaning he is leaning over that way because it hurts so bad.His breathing will not stay down,so now he is not allowed to have anything to eat.Not that he has eaten much anyways.But, knowing you can't eat makes you want to.
He's not able to get out of the bed to walk around because his heart rate goes up way to high and way to fast.So, he's been stuck in the bed for going on 4 days now.
We are giving the antibiotics 24 hours and will repeat the chest x-rays every day.If he isn't responding to this new anti. then they will add yet another one and then the chest tube,gets that much closer.
I appreciate everyone and their prayers more than you will all ever know.As soon as I am able to go home, in about a week they say, then I will post pics of my baby boy here in his bed.
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Sending lots of vibes and sending up a prayer for Seth. I'm glad his temp is coming down - I hope today sees LOTS more improvement!

Also sending lots of hugs to you, too.

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Thank you.As for me, I've gotten a few PMs asking about me.I will be just fine as soon as he is ok.I have went on little sleep and know that I can and will be ok.
HUGS you all
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Tammy I just now saw this, I am glad that he is at least doing a little better, Lots of Get Well Vibes to Seth and lots of Thoughts & Prayers for you and the rest of the Family, Keep your chin up you know were all praying for him.
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