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last will and testment...

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Do any of you have info re: proper wording about putting your felines into your wills?
Nothing silly. Like "Make sure the cadillac has enough gas so fluffy can drive my body to the boneyard"

Any realistic suggestion about making sure your pet will be taken care after you pass on?

Not planning on passing on soon BTW but want to make my will any way.

Cheers you all!
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i would talk to your lawyer about having it written in to your will to make it legal. also- go ahead and talk to friends/family about if they'd be willing to take on your furbaby in the event that something happens- make sure it's with someone you trust that has experience with animals and will take good care of them and make that life long committment to them if the need should arise. also- make sure if you have a living will that there is something for them covering their housing/care in that as well
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Oh! Oh, Minxie, that sig is too much! You tell 'em, Olivia!
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When I worked in law I did up loads of Wills. In fact I did up my own and my boss swore it and filed it for me. It was done up in 1992 so the dollar values are probably lower than they should be according to today's costs.

I instruct my Trustee to transfer and deliver the following:

(i) blah blah
(ii) blah blah
(iii) blah blah
(iv) Any cat(s) which I may have at the date of my death to my friend <insert name here>. I direct my trustee to set aside $5,000.00 for each cat and to pay the said <insert name here> the sum of $560.00 for each cat, per annum for food, litter and veterinary costs for my said cat(s) until the said sum of $5,000.00 for each cat is exhausted or the cat shall die, whichever shall first occur. Any part of the said fund of $5,000.00 not used shall form part of the residue of my estate;

Oh, and the reason for not naming the pets is because chances are by the time you die the cats that you have now probably won't be with you at that time. Naming a specific cat will end up excluding all other cats from your Will when the time comes.
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This reminds me, a lot of turtle and tortoise sites suggest people do this, mainly because the pet can easily out live the owner.
It's something that should be considered no matter what age you are, as bleak as it sounds, accidents do happen. Unfortunately, I have no one I could will my animals to. If something happened to me DH would care for them, but if something happened to both of us I have no one that I could trust or who would care.
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Originally Posted by oregon View Post
Not planning on passing on soon BTW but want to make my will any way.
Not wanting to be morbid, but my 35 year old nephew probably thought the same as you until last september when he died in a car crash

My girls are both included in my will with instructions on who their going to, that they must be kept together, have the lifestyle they had with me, always be kept as indoor cats, and that their ashes are to be mixed in with mine when they finally die
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It's definitely something to think about. My grandmother passed away last week, and while she didn't have the kitty in the will, she knew and made sure before she passed that the kitty was in good hands. I've verbally asked my father and mother to make sure that should anything happen to me that Lucky & Rambo stay together and are given a good home. I warned them that if they didn't i would have to come back and haunt them! I will definitely have provisos in any future will for all my animals.
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Espcially minxie and Natalie for your advice. will follow up.
Have a great day

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