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Kitten Pic

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I only have two pics for now, but they are SO CUTE! I think there are 4 boys and 2 girls, but I am not positive

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Awww! They are all so adorable!!!!!
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awwwwwwwwwwwwww very cute!
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I love seeing pictures of large litters suckling because it always seems as if they are all fighting eachother to get at mama.
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So adorable! Well done to your precious cat
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Oh my goodness - how precious! More pics please
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*giggle* They are very, very cute!
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Oh my, that first picture is priceless. Momma looks sooo happy showing off her darling babies.
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they are just such cuties
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~Aww they are adorable. I love the first pic. Its like they give up being all pretty on the side trying to nurse and just turn over on their back like OKAY the BUFFETT is OPEN! lol ~
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aww, so sweet

moma must have known a tall, dark handsome stranger with all those dark kitties
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aww cant wait to see more pictures as they grow. lots of kitten piles.
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What beautiful kittens! Congrats to you and mama for a job well done

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Oh, so very sweet!
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They are just precious!!!
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awww....absolute cuteness
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