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Experienced Opinion Re: kitten with birth defect

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We have taken in a pregnant stray cat, who has given birth to her litter of kittens this afternoon. Three of the kittens are nursing and well, while one has a serious birth defect. The spine of the kitten has a long open wound and it cannot move its back legs. (Spina Bifida in cats?) It is pulling itself towards Mom with front paws, and Mom is nursing it.

I have NO experience with birthing cats and I am now at a loss. Will nature take its course? Do I take this kitten to the vet to be helped along? I want to do the most humane thing for this little creature. Starving to death seems rather cruel. How would the mother cat react (very young cat herself) if I just take away one of her babies. I don't want to put the others at risk.

Thanks for your help.
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I would definately take the kitten to the vet. The mom will be fine, and it needs medical attention.
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Yes there is a spina bifida in cats - mainly in the manx breed - from tailless to tailless. Its an open spine and these kittens do not live very long or are born dead.

I'd take the kitten to a vet and have it put down humanly if that is what is wrong.
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take him to the vets , maybe they can do something , if not they may put him to sleep. the mum should be fine , she will be busy with her other 3 kittens , she may look around for a while and meow , but this will pass.
iv had a badly birth defected kitten who was born still born. his insides was on his out sides , and a similar thing to yours with the opening by his spine.
im sorry you have had to experince this, but i wish you good luck at the vets.
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Thanks for all of your help. I am learning. He seems to be fading very quickly, and is not in distress. He has not nursed since last evening, and she is keeping him close. It seems almost cruel to pull him away to make the long drive to the vet's. I will let him be with her when he dies. Thanks for all of your reassurance. It is comforting to have this forum to come to for help.

Happier note: other 3 doing well and nursing lots. Mom seems content.
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I am really proud to hear that you're caring for that voiceless litlle heart. Anyhow, it is very difficult to cure this condition. Let us pray the God to give good death to this little creature...
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Oh, dear. You are taking this so in stride, and I find that amazing. Bless this little disabled baby, and may he go quickly and suffer little if at all.

Keep us posted on the rest of the litter.
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Sorry you are going through this,Give the baby Hugs and kisses from me i wish the baby a painless departure.
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