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yawning and talk to me treatball

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a very tired luxor! i love the black lip lining!

he's stream-lining for a jump into the food closet

ok, so you say that treat came out of the ball?

let's see i'll roll it like this

and like this

maybe if i use two paws

one more try

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Awww great the one of Luxor's ears all the way back That's a cool treat ball
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Where did you get your treat ball? That looks good and sturdy for my little fuzzybutts to bat around. Maybe they will stop batting each other around if they have one of those.
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i got it at a pet store. i was hoping to find one smaller than that. look in the dog toy aisle. i just put in a small handful of dry food. you'd think it would just fall out but it doesn't....
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Those are nice pictures! I might try to find one if I can and see if any of ours would play with it.
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Awww, I love the 1st one!!
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Stoli looks much smarter than my cats....I don't think any of them would understand a treat ball!
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Oh how cute are they!!!

My 2 wouldn't get the point of the treat ball I don't think!
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stoli is too smart for his own good. it's actually VERY annoying. you can't bribe him with treats because he knows why you are doing it. we have ALL our cabinets electrical taped shut and chairs in front of the lower ones. I figured the treat ball is just what he needs because he loves to get into things.
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Awwww i love the curiosity look.
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Oh theyre gorgeous!!I will have to try that.I bought it last yr and she wont use it,but then i only put a couple of treats in there.I will try yr idea of a handful
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Aww! They are both gorgeous kitties!
I love the first one and I love the way his ears look in the second one!
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They are both so beautiful!

Great pictures.
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I need to get a treatball for my little J.J... she would have a fit going after it!

Beautiful babies!
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i need to get one of those bella would go nuts, she only goes nuts for one set of treats tho, and i have to keep hiding them from her or else there is no more including no bag

But look at those cuties , just too cute and those expressions
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