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Is that little black cloud over our heads breaking up? (long)

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Sorry - long as always.

Well, it's been a good 6 - 7 years of a LOT of bad luck, bad timing, bad news. (Of course kitties entering our lives and finding TCS those many years ago were part of the good things that happened!) It's about time for a new cycle, and maybe, just maybe, things are changing?

The latest bad news was that the home we rent is up for sale (we can't afford it) - and with Gary's health, we don't want to stick around while they show it. That wonderful news was followed by finding out our health insurance was going to be canceled. We're not covered through our current firm, so we were covered through COBRA from our former firm - which in early March they notified us they were going to dissolve as a firm, so they're not obligated to continue providing insurance coverage.

They were going to provide notice of when the insurance policy was being canceled - but didn't. We kept Drs. appointments &etc. in April, went to fill prescriptions a few days ago - and we were notified that our insurance was CANCELED already as of March 31. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BUT.... we did finally get the house we wanted to rent. The bad news was it is worse shape than we thought. The good news is that the RE agent for the owner was over there with us Friday - and the owner has approved a large budget to do a lot of work. Long and short of it is we're getting a new kitchen floor, new cabinets, new carpeting upstairs, replacing the carpeting with wood downstairs, installing an accumulator for the well (to increase water pressure), new gutters, the whole place is being painted (colors we pick out, though we're using just two to keep the cost down) - just a lot of stuff. That we don't have to pay for. It was a really GOOD Friday the 13th. And while he's paying for all the major stuff, anything out-of-pocket we get to deduct from future rent.

BUT... even before that - it started Wednesday.

We had to go into NYC to meet our current boss who flew in from CA (for other meetings too). We were running late, and parking at Port Authority (the parking leads directly into the Lincoln Tunnel to leave the city, so when you leave during peak traffic, which is 3:30pm to like 7:00pm, the exit from the garage puts you right into the tunnel, so you don't have to wait in line to get to the tunnel for 1/2 hour - 1 hour) fills up usually around 10:00. We got there - and the sign blocking entrance wasn't out - but it was closed. But Gary gave the guy $10 to let us in - and JUST as we passed the gate, someone pulled out - so we had a great parking space!

Then, a friend who's at a new firm had called a few days before, and wanted us to come interview. So before meeting our current boss, we met with them.

Publishing research on "Wall Street" has become REALLY regulated by the National Association of Securities Dealers over the past few years, and we had a brilliant idea. Instead of hiring me, I start a publishing firm (a limited liability corp - easy and cheap to register). Then I can publish whatever I want, whenever I want with no cost to the BD (broker-dealer). They become a subscriber to what I publish. Gary becomes an official employee of the new firm and gets his licenses transferred there. Then he can officially be an Institutional Salesperson at the new firm and call our customers (we get paid by our customers trading with the BD - our customers are the people who manage money, called "Institutional money managers.")

The firm LOVED the idea! AND - if Gary officially starts there sometime next week, they can get him on a family plan on the insurance by May 1. And we get to work with our friend. AND we get to hire our former assistant.

We then went to meet with our current boss. We didn't get the chance to quit - but the long and short of that story is that things went well - but they also went in such a way that we can quit tomorrow without any bad feelings - in fact, I think he'll understand and be fine with it.

The bulk of the work on the new place is being done next week (except the kitchen), so we can move the last week of April.

SUMMARY. So.... we get a new home that was in crappy shape that's going to be in great shape. We found out two weeks after our insurance was canceled that it was canceled - but it looks like we'll have the exact same insurance (coincidentally) back in place by May 1 - which means that all of Gary's pre-existing conditions will be covered with no time in the penalty box.

We are SO due for a change of luck/fortune/whatever-you-want to call it.

I REALLY hope the new home and the new job(s) are the turning point. !!!!!

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YAY!!!!!!!!!! congrats!!!!!
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I am always impressed with your calmness, your strength, your ability to deal with whatever and not lose who you are.

I am so pleased/happy for you both You are more than overdue for a long run of excellent luck!
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That is all wonderful Laurie, I am so glad things are looking up
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If anyone deserves this wonderful turn in luck it's the two of you. I hope the good luck just keeps on coming in bountiful amounts.
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Laurie, for continued good luck to come your way.
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It is great that things are getting back on track for you guys, you deserve it
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I am so happy for you and Gary, you certainly deserve some good luck in your lives.
We have also had some good fortune in our lives lately. I hope it passes all the way through TCS.
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Thank goodness Laurie - it is about time that you have some good news. Here are some vibes for you to have continued good luck!
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Thank goodness Laurie! You and Gary deserve some good news for a change.
I'm glad things are finally looking up for you. I can't wait to see pics of your new house.
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That is fabulous news, Laurie! I really, really, really hope that this is the change in fortune that you guys have been waiting and working for for so many years.
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Thank goodness! I'm so glad it's not the total disaster it first appeared to be. May this be just the beginning of a whole long run of good luck!
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Originally Posted by krazy kat2 View Post
I am so happy for you and Gary, you certainly deserve some good luck in your lives.
We have also had some good fortune in our lives lately. I hope it passes all the way through TCS.
I am SO glad to hear this!!!!!!!!!!!!

I SO hope we're putting a hard luck cycle behind us - and I have to agree: it would be so wonderful if it were passing through all of TCS!

to all for all your wonderful support along the way..... !!!!!!

Laurie (& Gary)
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I'm glad things are looking up for you. Its tough to deal with when things all seem to fall apart at once, but I always figure, once you hit rock bottom there's no way to go but up!
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That's awesome!!! I am really glad everything is working out for you and Gary. I can't think of two people who deserve it more!!! From the sound of it, you're happy too!!!!
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Laurie, I am so happy to hear things are turning around for you !
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