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Is it ever overwhelming?

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Love for your pets? Sometimes I watch one of my dogs looking at me with love in her eyes or my kitties curled up sleeping or playing with a ribbon and I just have a rush of emotion. I love them so much it can make me teary eyed.
Does anyone else ever feel like this or am I just crazy?
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I get that way all the time, with Harley & Bayley. Especially with Bayley because he adopted him from the shelter, and he's never had a home thats really, truly LOVED him like we do and its sad. When I see him all curled up on a fluffy blanket, or laying with me or John, its just sooo incredibly heartwarming to know that we saved a beautiful soul from a lifetime of sadness

Harley has only known love and shelter... and a life of definately being pampered 24-7! Without them, I would be nothing, they bring true joy to my life
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Yup! Lately Luna has taken to curling up with me at night, something she hasn't done for a while (since pre-Whitey).

I can tell she misses me the most during the week too...on my nights off I have to allow for extra cuddle time with her since I figured out that she demands it!
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Um, you are so not crazy.

The other day when I came home from vacation, I cried when I saw Trout..I was bawling and I was holding her. She must have been thinking I was nuts.

I also come to tears very easily if I ever think of her not being with me for any reason.

I also cry anytime I bring her to the vet to stay for a couple of hours..I feel like she thinks I'm abandoning her and that just breaks my heart
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I feel it sometimes, particularly while watching Frodo sleep
When Izzy, Frodo, Mollie and I all end up squeezing on one little sofa I often feel totally engulfed by their love, and when Inky joins in (he rarely does)...well...
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Just to look at my sweet babies fills my heart with so much love, I feel it could burst. Oh and I cry
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however i think sometimes i could do with out eazy trying to get under the blankets every night to sleep next to me. dont mind next to the head.
but when its cold he wants under there lol
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You are not alone! I just look at their picture on my desk at work and just miss them lots. I also talk to them on the phone on my lunch hour. My husband holds the phone to them and Max (who loves to talk, just meows & purrs away at me) Sarah just sniffs the phone usually, she doesn't talk as much. I want their purrs as a ringtone! I know crazy cat lady!
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i do that too! wow i thought i was the only one colin actually saw me do it one day- it was the day after little kojak's neuter- a lot of you remember he almost didn't wake up) i was sooooo happy he was ok and in my arms i just started crying happy tears
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I get rushes of emotions when I watch them sleeping side by side, or when they are cleaning each other(well Rocket and Twig anyway). The girls bring me to tears knowing that I'll never know what happened to them to make them so fearful of people for the first year of their lives, (Isis and Luna) and I know that I saved all three of them from certain deaths Isis and luna from being outside ferals, and Neffie from being stuck in a basement hating all humans for what reason I have no idea. They are all goofy in their own ways and we still love them and I know that they will have a spoiled life with us until that day.......
the day in which I will cry eternally inside and my heart will break for the loss of a loved one.
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
I also come to tears very easily if I ever think of her not being with me for any reason.
I'm the same way. If I ever think about a pet not being with me for some reason, tears come very quickly.
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I am the same way! all of my babies have known love and shelter their whole lives here except Miagi and Tiger who were both rescues.
I cannot believe a lady didn't want Miagi since she "found" him in her basement. Tiger was thrown out of a car and left for dead with another cat. without these nice people rescueing him he would be dead. I just don't understand people who are cruel to animals and I don't think I ever will. Tiger knows love isn't so bad and I had to teach him how to play with toys. It just boggles my mind nobody would want Miagi or Tiger and I am glad they both ended up with me as their guardian. I couldn't have asked for better cats. without my animals, I would be nothing. they make me and my life whole.
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'Nother one here. Hardly a day goes by.
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Yes Im the same with my furbabies. They are my heart and soul.
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Another one here... I can't stand to think of being without any one of them. It makes me appreciate them all the more.
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
I also come to tears very easily if I ever think of her not being with me for any reason.
Me too. . .it really breaks my heart to think of losing them.
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Absolutely - often. Especially when I happen to think of any one of them dying. I know it's going to happen one day, but I get a bit panicky and teary when the thought comes to me - it freaks me out. Max is the same, too.
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I'm like that all the time with mine as well

Sophie was lying on me yesterday and her chin was flat on my stomach, when she just turned her head towards me, chin still flat looking at me as if to say i'm so content and happy Awwwwwwww
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Radar has this horrible (and painful) habit of trying to climb up the insides of my trouserlegs, he is so obsessed that I have not been able to break him of this particular behavioural quirk.

He was very ill a few weeks ago and didn't have the energy to do anything but sleep, he didn't even squirm when the vet took his temp. But when he tried once more to climb up my trouserleg, scratching my ankle in the process, I knew he was getting better and I cried my eyes out. I am starting to cry now thinking about it. I was so afraid that I was going to lose him, and if I did I would be utterly devastated.

Yes, it is overwhelming.
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