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Cozmo giving the dogs treats,,

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Yesterday I heard something going on in the other room from where I was so I get up to look and see what was going on, Well I find Cozmo digging dog treats out of the bag on the counter where we keep them and then dropping them on the floor and the dogs where then eating them.

I have no idea what he was trying to do, only thing I can think of he wanted to use a dog treat as a toy but as soon as he would drop one on the floor one of the dogs would take it, so he would dig out another one and drop it on the floor and the other dog would take it. I had to hide the treat bag our he would have had them all on the floor for the dogs.

He is really something at figuring out and learning new things. I have no idea how he comes up with some of the stuff he does.
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awww....that's so cute! it's a new way to entertain your cat...and feed your dogs! hey, instead of treats, just leave out the bag of dog food and...wow!...and automatic dog feeder! you'll never have to feed them again!
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He wasn't feeding the dogs, he was feeding himself, but the dogs kept getting there first. Goblin loves the little crunchies in Beneful (that are meant for the dogs!) and loves when I drop one by accident, so I give him one every night, and in the a.m. he goes into the dogs' room while they're scarfing and wanders under them, around them, wherever, hoping for a handout. They just look at him like he's weird, but they like each other, so it's no problem.
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Charlie likes the soft treats I get for Keno. I have to break off a nibble before giving them to the dog or Charlie gets upset....lol
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What a cutie - He's probably training them for later mischief.
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The treats he was giving them are big hard bone shaped treats, so I don't think Cozmo wanted to eat them. He finds the weirdest stuff for toys around the house. Maybe he understands they are for the dogs and decided the dogs wanted some treats?

Cozmo is such a nut I never know what he is going to come up with next. When Cozmo wants some of his treats he raises total heck with me till I give him some, If I don't give him any he will grab the container and try to open it and if that don't work he brings the container to me and tells me about it.
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I think my dog gets the cats to knock stuff down for him to eat chips, cookies, they've both been victims
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Hehehe such a cutie. Maybe he thought it was fun to watch the dogs gobbling up the treats?
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