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I finally start working tomorrow

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Well the weather has returned to normal for this time of year so I can actually get to some of my clients properties!! I know I'm going to be stiff and sore this week (and hopefully shed some weight). Going to start tomorrow am at one clients house pruning some very overgrown shrubs for a couple of hours, then onto a elderly ladies house cleaning up her perennial bed and then depending on the time and how I feel back to first customer's house (also potential bed landscape project there) I continue more pruning everyday for the remainder of the week!! Finally some $$$$$$
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Get the aspercreme ready!

Glad you'll be back to work. What a crazy year this has been for us. We had a cold, white Easter - but a warm, sunny Christmas. Go figure.

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Good luck this week, Gail! I know how the aching is, we started our own yardwork a couple weeks ago. Like Laurie said, gotta love that Aspercreme! An Epson salt bath works wonders, too!
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You must be excited to get started!!
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That's great Gail...it's been a long winter
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It is still very chilly and some snow flurries forcasted for here in Ontario but I am hopeful that the weather will improve by the end of the week. I am just itching to get out in my yard a get a bit of spring clean up done. This winter sure has been a hanger on, but enough is enough.
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Yay, Gail!! I bet you must be so very excited to start up working again, winter has lasted far too long!
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