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Back from the cat show - - AKA How Hopey did!

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Ok its getting late and I have work tomorrow, I think the pictures can tell the story pretty much

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She got 9th and 10th best kitten, not bad for her first show. She was highly praised on her type, her eyes, her body shape. Too bad kittens can't be Champions with TICA otherwise she had enough point to make it.

The downside...

She meowed non-stop will being judged and hissed at all the judges. She was not the only one to do this (heard lots of hissing) but she has never done this before. She is always really friendly to people.

Mica's breeder (she benched with me) said that her cats also made a fuss the first time but they got used to it.
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Well done Hopey! She is a little beauty.
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Isn't it fun when you don't expect a ribbon and get one????? We were pleased at Charlie's 2 finals in his first show. We are looking forward to see what ACFA thinks of him end of the month
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Maria, that is awesome Look at that sweet girl Congrat's
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Congrats to you and to my little name sake. She is so beautiful. I can't wait until you start having kittens with her. I just may want one, shipped from the UK to sunny Southern California.

She was probably scared, and that's why she hissed.
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Congratulations on the ribbons! Hopey is a real cutie! Job well done kitty!
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Awwww, what a sweet little stripey girl! Well-deserved and good job on the wins!!
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Congratulations ! You must be so proud of your little girl !

A friend of mine breeds Siamese/OSH and last week she took her litter to show, I got to bring one of them to the judge, a little chocolate tabby point, your girl looks a lot like her !
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Congratulations!! She's just gorgeous!
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Congratulations to you both! ....... Im sure she will do better as she shows more that baby hissy girl
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Congrats to you both! Not too shabby for a first show. I'm still waiting on Tobie's tude to improve, though... he won't play and he's kind of whiny.
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Excellent, most excellent!!!

She will get better at shows...if she doesn't pm me ok?
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Thank you all so much for the lovely comments and advice!

TBH I did not enjoy the first few hours of the show because she was so freaked out in her pen. Then she settled down and started playing with her mousey and it got a lot more fun.

The two French judges preferred her competitor because she was more placid and so she was not in there finals. The three American judges did not seem to mind her hissyness (one called her an Opera singer!) and said her type was a lot better. She had her first two rings (with the French judges) right at the beginning and they were one after the other, her next two were right at the end of the show.

I have signed up for another show early next month.
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Congratulations- I think she's beautiful
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Congratulations Well done Hope.
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That is such great news She is def a gorgeous girl
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Congratulations! My Kingston hissed and growled in every ring this weekend. This was the first time he behaved this way(this was his 3rd show). Hopefully they grow out of it or something.
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Congrats to a beautiful girl!
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Thank you for all the lovely comments!
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I want to show cats eventually when i get a place of my own... i'm a big persian fan but the coat would drive me insane! lol. Russian Blue's are another one of my favorite breeds. Might do that one day.
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Congratulations! She is such a gorgeous little thing!
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I just noticed your cage curtains... they are very pretty! Does anyone use those carrier-type cages (witch netting) in UK shows? They are all over the place here.
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Congratulations!!! I think she is absolutely precious!
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Thank you very much")

Godiva I don't think so. This is the first TICA show I have been to but I have never seen any in the GCCF.
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