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Anyone else in the Soggy Northeast?

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I'm just outside Manhattan-It's been raining hard non-stop all day. It's supposed to get very windy this evening. Classic nor'easter! I've been cleaning and getting things done around my apt. all day but now I'm BORED!!!

Anyone else got cabin fever?
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I've got a cold, so no cabin fever yet, but it has been pouring all day and isn't supposed to stop until late tomorrow. The wind is jsut starting to pick up. My yard has some huge puddles in it.
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I get cabin fever very quickly. Ah the joy of living in a small apt. I was thinking about going out for a little while but they keep saying how bad it's going to get. Sometimes I think the weather people just like to be dramatic.
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I'm in northeastern Pa and it's been nothing but non-stop rain all day long, and living with 2, 15 month old unexercised corgis...
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Definately wet here! It just won't stop raining. It isn't a bad storm, it just won't stop. I heard we may get snow Monday into Tuesdy. This weather is crazy!
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Sending warm, dry-out hugs from the Pacific Northwest.

If I were an onery person, I would mention that it is 55F and sunny here, blue skies, white puffy clouds (subject to change without notice!). But, since I am nice, I won't mention it
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It's stormed all day here in NC too. We've been under a tornado watch all day (until 8pm tonite) and severe thunderstorm warnings all day. We've had 40 MPH winds, dime-sized hail, and at least 3 inches of rain.

Oh yeah, and a 30 degree temperature drop.

So we're right there with ya!
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We're in NW NJ, and it's been raining non-stop. The basement is flooding - actually, we were surprised it didn't start flooding sooner than it did! I got to finish doing all the laundry before the sump pumps started pumping.

There's still a flood watch for the area, and they're saying we should expect another 1 - 2 inches of rain, changing to snow later tonight.

Hope everyone affected is staying dry. Sorry about the doggies with cabin fever!

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Yep, it was a MESS here in PA today. We've had flooding, too. Dad-In-Law was staying the weekend to help us build a shed. Thankfully, it was nice on Saturday, and we got most of it done, but this morning was nasty. We had to load up some furniture we gave him on his little trailer (no roof on the trailer), and it was coming down like a Nor'easter--all three of us got soaking wet, trying to tarp the trailer, and then hold the tarps down in the wind. The yard was a swamp. Then we had to tarp the shed (no shingles or doors yet) in howling wind and rain. Fun. And the poor guy had to drive 3 hours in this stuff.

I'm now sitting in front of a lovely, roaring fire, wth my cats. Mmmmm....

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Its not too soggy here, just chilly. I think it will be rainy tomorrow though
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We had snow all day today which turned to rain and made everything a mess. It's supposed to rain up until Wednesday or so, then start clearing up.
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I'm in the mid-Atlantic region and we're soaked. They say we've already gotten 3-5 inches of rain and we may get another inch overnight. We're under flood warnings and what not. We just finished grocery shopping in it too! Supposed to rain through tomorrow too! Sounds like a good day to stay home and curl up with my kitties! (When isn't though!?!)
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It's still raining here. I've been trying to keep busy. My question is where do the cats disappear to in the middle of a rainy day. I haven't seen Viola in hours!!! Don't worry when I shake the dry cat food she suddenly makes an appearance. I'm sure I'll complain even more tomorrow when I have to go out to work in this.
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