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room take over

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Well my Grandpa had a Stroke and Tomorrow he will be getting out of the hospital and he has to come live with us. I volunteered my room for him to sleep in since my brother has issues with sleeping in places other than his room. The thing is my room is where the litter box is and where the cats are fed. they also sleep in there with me in bed at night.

My Grandpa will most likely fall asleep while we are still up so he will probably close the door to keep the noise out, thus restricting the cats from their litter box. Also i have to feed the cats at 6 in the morning and they meow VERY loud when food is coming so that would disturb him.

I will be sleeping in the basement (it's not as bad as it sounds...except the mold ) so it would be best if I move the litter box and food down there with me.

So my questions are do you think the cats will have problems with the litter box? (poop on the floor where it used to be).
My cats have the tendency to violently (I'm serious) attack my bedroom door when it is closed, screaming loudly, do you think this will continue when Grandpa is here?
At night if Grandpas does not close the door do you think the cats will sleep with him because that is their bed or will they sleep with me because I am their "person"?
Could you see any other problems with this arrangement that i have not already mentioned?
Thanks, you don't have to answer all the questions just what ever you can I'm mainly concerned with the litter box since it won't even be on the same floor anymore. So what do you think?
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Is there any way you can begin moving the litter box today? Say in increments toward the basement so the kits will know where to go?

Edit: I clicked too soon! It is wonderful of you to give your grandfather your room. I hope he makes a good recovery.

Your cats will adjust, some do it quickly, others may take longer. I am sure others with more experience will be along soon to offer more ideas. Let us know how it goes
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yeah, sure I can try that, Thanks.
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Dear I'm MUCH more concerned about your sleeping in the bsmt with the mold! You can become very sick and your parents should not be letting you do it. It can be fixed, but until it is, don't sleep there!
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I know, the basement floods when it rains so there is mold under the carpet. I'll be in the adjoining room though so I don't think it will be too bad. I don't know how long grandpa will be living here though. My brother says he won't let me sleep in his room but I might, we'll see what happens with that. How long would I have to be down there for the mold to start to be a problem? Could it hurt the cats too? I know there is mold it smells all stale down there, the room I'm sleeping in is not as bad though. It's not like it's thick and all over the place, just under the carpet along one wall where the water comes in.
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Move the selfish brother out, to the mildew...cat's will adjust, they go by scent and will sleep on or with you as they move. I've moved my litter boxes a few times, and they went right to them. Beside, wouldn't it be smarter to care for grandpa with you in the next room ? If bro says no, tell him to get his own place. Mike, Medford, Oregon
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It could be a problem fairly quickly if you e.g. have a 'hidden' susceptibility to asthma or something. Ask your parents to please, please get it taken care of if at all possible. Even if the leak is expensive, maybe they can at least learn of some compromise solution that'll work short term and not cost anything like they might think.
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