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curtain shredding

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Well my little kitty has gotten into
curtain shredding
my mum has really expensive curtains and tyson keeps ripping them
Is there something i can do

also he keeps digging out all the plant pots
which are in the house
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I had a kitty who would climb the curtains. I got her a cat tree. That made her happy. Maybe your kitty just wants to climb to. Or needs more scratchers.
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My kitten also enjoys climbing the curtains and digging in the plant pots.
I usually pick her up and scold her because it's a bad habbit to get into. She has stopped but still occassionaly climbs up the curtains.
How old is your cat? If young you may wish to just scold her/him and teach that it's not something you do.
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In another thread, recently I suggested using old curtains or sheets and not putting the rod through them at the top, just barely holding them in place with a clothes pin or similar. Kitten or cat comes and along and attempts to scratch or climb and the curtain falls on them (but not the rod). Enough of that and they learn it's no good to scratch or climb.
Sort of like putting a blanket over the end of a couch to discourage clawing, the blanket gives and isn't a good scratching surface.

I've never had curtain climbers or scratchers myself, luck or maybe my cats were too busy elsewhere.

For the potted plants they make toppers that you can put over the dirt. Hanging plants is another easy alternative. Don't forget to make sure your houseplants are cat safe.
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