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Dillon very constipated

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I am hoping to get some advice to help Dillon with chronic constipation. He has had this for a while, but usually with half tsp physillium husks and half tsp liquid paraffin he does a little poo (2 or 3 bumbles) every 2nd day. Since he has been in the vets he did not poo for 5 days (but he hadnt eaten much) on the fifth day, he did two small bumbles then was up on his haunches (which is difficult for him due to his skinny weak legs) wailing for half an hr trying to do more (the tests did show he had irritable bowel as well). Now it has been two more days and today he was up on his haunches trying to go again but again nothing. He has been eating the last 3 days, I have added half tsp physillium husks yesterday and today a teasp pumpkin, but still nothing. Any advice. Should I add more physillium husk or pumpkin, I dont want to give him tummy ache, but he is not pooing? Thanks, Chris.
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I give my cat 3 Temptations Hairball Control treats every night to avoid constipation. Important not to use more than 2 or 3, as it makes the stool too soft. If I go a couple of days without giving them, then Annie's stool becomes pellet-like and I don't like that!
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Meow has a similar situation. Tried adding fiber, wet food, more water....nothing really helped. We had to get Lactulose from the vet, and give it to him 2X per day. I wouldn't say he's "normal" quite yet, but going poo is certainly less difficult since we started with the medication. I wouldn't wait too long to see the vet for some assistance - you don't want Dillon totally blocked up!
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We use laxatone with our fosters
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Thanks for the advice. He didnt go till day 6 when he came out of the stay in the vets and then it was 2 little bumbles, since then he is eating OK but I added 1 tsp liquid paraffin 24 hrs ago, half tsp physillium husks and half tsp liquid paraffin yesterday and pumkin. It is now day 4 since the 2 bumbles and he keeps trying to go and cant. I have an appointment with the vet at 4 this afteroon as I was awake last night worrying about him again. It is one thing after another at the moment. I cant make him exercise as he wobbles along and cant see with his vision loss and we have just moved house which means he doesnt know his surroundings. If I had known about the blindness before I moved I would have stayed where we were for his last few months.
Can I get the temptations hairball control treats in the UK?
Thanks Chris
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We took Dillon in for an emema. Oh dear, it was traumatic. He pood all the way home in the car for 6 miles then carried on in the kitchen and the living room. I have just settled him down after cleaning up and giving him a wash. The vet suggested I take him for another one tomorrow morning, NO WAY! Anyway, the good news is that his pupils are not dilated and she thinks the retinas are still attached, so he eyesight may improve, so the istin must have his blood pressure under control and we got there in time, aah, hopefully I can sleep tonight.
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What is Dillon eating???
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I was going to ask what he was eating as well and how much is he drinking? Also, my older cat, Callie, has this same problem, tho she's never been as constipated as your little man. I give her both Lactulose and pumpkin 2X a day everyday.

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I just paid 1000$ at the vet to find out my cat was constipated. I have to agree with the lactulose. Nothing like a good kitty enema!
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Temptations HB treats are put out by Whiskas. Here is their UK website. Look for the Snack & Treats link. I can't see the Hairball Control treats on it - perhaps you can contact Whiskas. You might also try eBay. (Three years ago when I first got my cat, she became constipated. Took her to the vet where they kept her for 48 hrs, enemas, laxatives, injections - nothing doing! Cost me $400.00! She hadn't been home more than 1/2 hr when she did what she was supposed to do!!!
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Well since the enema, not a lot! He has been eating quite well lately, we have had him on the walthams moist chicken pouches for kidney problems for 7 years and he has done well on it (but no fibre in it), anyway he wont touch it since they gave him it in the vets over easter. But after tempting him with fish from the fish shop, he has eaten all sorts of ordinary cat food, plus pork pie, turkey bits, chicken bits etc. I just wanted him to eat. My vet couldnt come up with any ideas for a high fibre cat food for his kidneys as well. I am going over to see her this morning to see if she can find a replacement for the walthams as I need to get his diet sorted again. Now my worry is how to start him on either lactulose, the treats or pumpkin, and how much as yesterday cleared him out! Poor little thing is sleeping (or pretending to with one eye looking at me wondering what I am going to do to him next).
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