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Got a spare kitty prayer?

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I need lots of positive energy/prayers going out to a special little kitten named Oscar. Hes only 4 weeks old and living in a home of non-animal lovers who aren't caring for him properly. The poor little guy is very sick right now, and I'm trying to convince hubby to let me bring him home and get him to a Vet.

So, if any of you have a spare prayer, please send it up for Oscar so that I can somehow intervene-even temporarily- and get him well.

Thanks guys...
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Praying right now!
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Lots of positive energy heading Oscar's way. I hope you'll be able to take him home with you to get the care he deserves. Good luck Melissa!
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Sending the most positive vibes your way! Poor little thing, I'm sure you'll do the right thing.

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Even one night can lead to dehydration or death for a kitten that young! My prayers and positive energy on on the way!
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Hes here in my arms, suckling in his sleep as I type this. I can't keep him permanently, but I'm hoping to be able to get him well and fattened up a little before going to the Shelter or his new home (If I can find him one)

Thankfully hubby, who is allergic to cats, opened up his heart to this little guy and let me bring him home.

I found out that my sister-in-laws kids were feeding him potatoes, corn and hotdogs tonight before I went to get him. I managed to get some Pedialyte into him tonight, so thats a step in the right direction I guess.

Keep sending out the good thoughts!!
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The kids may not have known any better about the food.......though your sis-in-law should have done something about it....*sad sigh*....

Well I'm glad you've got Oscar now. Maybe get the kids involved again with Oscar at your place and on your own terms. That way they could learn more about kitties before another one ends up at their place. If it's possible at all.

I'd like to think they got the kitty with the best intentions but somehow got overwhelmed with the little one.
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Melissa, good for you to take this baby and look after him. You'll be in my thoughts and prayers until he is fully better and in a safe new home (be it yours or someone else )
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Yeah Melissa - we're all pulling for little Oscar hoping for a full recovery and a loving new home.

Thanks for taking care of him.
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Positive thoughts and prayers coming your way! Hows little Oscar doing?
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Positive, healing and growing energy for little Oscar. It's wonderful that you were able to help him, and that hubby was willing to open his heart and home to him. Keep us updated!
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I am so glad you got to take Oscar in and get him well! Bless your hubby for letting you! Isn't it sweet how even the toughest guys will melt at the sight of a helpless kitten? We are all sending positive thoughts your way!
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Good warm thoughts and prayers coming your way.
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Thats great that you and your husband took him in.

Good thoughts to you both and I hope Oscar makes a good recovery and gets a new loving home.

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That's so wonderful of you to have taken him in! I'm so glad hubby's heart melted too.

Keeping little Oscar in my prayers. I'm sure he's in great hands until he finds his new permanent home.

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Thanks guys

The little guy is doing SO much better today. He has worms- saw some in the litterbox- so we're treating him for those.He checked out fine, the Vet said hes probably closer to 6 weeks, but is so thin he appears much younger. He seems to love the pedialyte, and takes a syringe full twice a day. Hes also drinking water from his bowl and eating canned IAMS kitten food (he seems to like it better when I heat it up a little)

A lady at work may be taking him once hes well, and if not, the SPCA has room for him. Hes SO affectionate he'll find a home quickly there Who can resist a teeny weeny kitten who purrs and snuggles up a storm?

Keep up the positive thoughts, hes looking better already
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Glad to hear the update Melissa. It makes for a much better upcoming weekend!
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I am sorry I am late with this. I just saw it now. I am glad the kitten is doing better. Thank goodness you were able to take him and care for him. I know you will find a wonderful home for him.
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Really great news that he is doing better. You're right, he would have no problem getting adopted. He sounds like a real sweetie.

BTW, how is Onyx doing? Is he adjusting to being an only kitty?
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Hi Heidi Onyx is doing well- he finally gets used to being an only kitty and I bring a little intruder into the house :laughing: Hes letting me know in no uncertain terms that hes not happy about sharing me with the kitten. There have been a few bops on the head for poor little Squirt (formarly Oscar) and lots of growling.

The little guy has been eating everything I put down for him and his tummy is getting nice and round. I'm trying to teach him some litterbox manners (he misses sometimes) . I've noticed hes not really very playful, I suppose its due to reserving all his energy in the past to keep his body going And he doesn't seem to know how to groom himself, so I'm looking for any and all ideas on how to 'teach' him this.

Thanks you guys for the concern :rainbow:- Sorry I haven't been able to post much lately, my life is pure chaos :laughing2:
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I'm glad both Onyx and Squirt are doing good, considering.
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Melissa....sorry I am late with this! I am so glad you and your hubby are taking care of Oscar!!! My prayers are going up fpr the little guy! I am glad he seems to be doing better! keep us posted!
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