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It's Been a Rough Week

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First, I had "the visitor" from he**, which was causing me to crave like mad!
Also causing me to have low energy so I could bearly exercise. Then these last few days my stomach has been upset so I can bearly eat and I can't even exercise!
It also doesn't help that I can't really go to my parents for support because all my dad will say is, "Missy, you need to eat MORE healthy." Like, Hello? I already am! Or, "You're eating too many fruits! You need REAL food!" And my mom keeps bringing home Lil Debbies and Cookies. Then 2-3 days later she forgets about them and when I bring them up she goes, "Oh, I don't want them anymore. And in my crazed state of cravings I end up eating them! She's no kinda support at all.
Not to mention I have this exam in History tommorow that I haven't really been studying for because Im too tired between work and my stomach problems!
Arhg! I've been doing so great and now I feel like Im falling apart!
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Sorry to hear you have had such a crummy week

Hopefully things WILL get better! I know what ya mean about that *visitor* making ya wanna eat sweets...

Take care!!
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Like my mom always sayd..."It could always be worse."
Just hang in there. Have you thougth of checking w/a doc? Some meds like lexapro jin a very low dose might be helpfull as levellers. You got to school, Have you checked your student health center?

Trust it can be worse. Pretty cat you got there by the way!
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Thanks guys.
Today or should I say yesterday, was MUCH better
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