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Kitten in big trouble

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Ok, heres the situation. My sister-in-law (who is far from knowledgable or caring regarding animals) has a four week old kitten who is very ill. They feed this little one hard, adult cat food for starters. The kitten has gone downhill fast in the last little bit. he walks with his tail tucked between his legs, constantly meows and has diarrhea. I'm in the process of trying to convince hubby to let me bring the little fella home, even though I'm not supposed to have more than one cat here due to allergies and the landlords stipulations.

If, by miracles, I CAN convince hubby to let me bring him home, what can I do for the little guy? Obviously he needs to see a Vet, but theres no Vet in until Friday.

Would he benefit from kitten formula? I know that he at LEAST needs wet kitten food to eat. I think he may have worms, is he too young to treat?

Please help if you can, and offer up some kitty prayers to soften hubbys heart so I can hopefully help this little fella
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Where is the kitty's mom? It should still be nursing til 5 weeks. Some sort of milk suppliment can be found at supermarkets / walmarts / petstores.
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Something needs to be done ASAP to help this poor little kitten. I am not an expert on kitten care but I hope that this post will bump this thread back up to the top. Please help.
Maybe it might be good to move this to a place where alot of people will read it. Sounds like the little kitten needs help soon...

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Melissa, maybe you could ask your husband to let the kitten come to your house just until it gets better. Or, you could go over and help nurse it back to health.

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Ginger - Melissa posted a need for a prayer in the Cat Lounge, and so many responded! Kitty is now happily ensconced in Melissa's home - at least for the time being. She's being well cared for, and it sure looks like this has a happy ending!

Here's the link:

Got A Spare Kitty Prayer?
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Awe, thank you. I was so concerned that no-one was helping the poor sick kitty. I am glad it is being well cared for now

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