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Cat behaviour

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Hi from Australia
My name is Val and I have two 6 month old Himalayan kittens.
I am having problems with them and am looking for advice.
They have both had good appetites up until this week. Then for no apparant reason the male started vomitting back his food about 10 minutes after eating. Then yesterday the female started to do the same thing. Also they have both been refusing food for about 3 days. I have tried to tempt them with everything from dry food, mince, salmon, sardines,
and tuna. They are even walking away from their milk.

Any suggestions ? Thanks

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Hi, we have a siamese/himalayan cross and he also vomits his food. He will eat and immediately vomit. The vet gave us some pills for him and they helped, but I don't know what was worse, the vomiting or trying to get him to take the pills. One lady told me she got something from the vet that humans can take for a sensitive stomach and that it worked for her. It is called Novo Nidazol. He was taking half a pill (250 mg divided by half) per day for 1 week.

He still vomits occasionally but it doesn't seem to put him off his food. He drinks lots of water and always has. He is full grown (almost 2 yrs. old) so we don't give him milk and he doesn't like any "people" food.

I hope someone can help you more than this. My only advice would be see a vet - perhaps he has a parasite or infection in his digestive system - just a guess on my part though.

Good luck

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Val, I am so glad you have joined us!! I moved your thread to the health and nutrition section, so it might get more responses and I felt it belonged here. I hope that's okay.
We are so glad to have you here, and I hope you get some answers, though I myself am not too good at these types of questions....but many here are!
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Thanks Linda - I am taking them both to the vets next week
to arrange for spaying so I'll mention the parasite suggestion to him.

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I hope they are at least eating something. A cat should not go without food for longer than 24 hours. Have you tried chicken flavored baby food? Please keep us posted.
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Yes - they should not go without food that long - if they have not eaten by now please do not wait till you appointment - see a VET now.
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What a great bunch of guys you are. Boxer, the male kitten was a verocious eater and Cassie, the female was also a big eater - if not as much as Boxer. It appears as if they both decided that they didn't need as much food as I was giving them. Anyway - what I have done is leave dry food and water for them at all times and I offer a variety of other stuff morning and evening - just a spoonful - not a bowlful !

I just saw Boxer tucking into the dry food and Cassie is downstairs drinking her milk. So all appears to be OK now.

Also, neither of them has thrown up for a week now.

Thanks for the concern guys - it's nice to have somewhere to share worries with.

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