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looking for a toy persian

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My co-worker is looking for a cat....She is looking for a mini or toy persian cat. Does anyone know where we can find such a cat?
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there is no such thing, well no exactly... it is just people breeding runts of the litter to produce smaller (also sicklier) cats. It really is no good if you can find one even. Cats are so small to begin with, why does she want one that is even smaller?
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She just wants a persian that stays small like a kitten....She was told that there are a bread of toy and teacup (smaller than toy) cats.
Maybe she was mis informed...I will need to do some research I guess.
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there is no true breed its a Gimic. of someone breeding runts to runts and putting a label on it. Its not healthy for the cats. Runts to happen but they shouldnt purposely be bred for.
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Yeah...there is no such thing as "toy" "teacup" or "miniature". It's just something some idiot slapped on kittens that occur when two runts are bred together. Runt + runt = runt babies. You're basically breeding unhealthy + unhealthy = unhealthy kittens.
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I agree with you both....I googled it and found the same info...runt breading....not so good for there health either...thanks for the info....I will pass on the info to my co worker.... I will suggest that she purchases a regular persian cat....Thank You.
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I just spoke to her on the phone and I explained how it works. She is extreamly thankful to know this information....She will not buy the unhealthy cats.
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Not all runts are unhealthy a runt from a good breeder will be just as healthy as a regular kitty. But breeding runts to runts is unhealthy.

I had a runt in my last litters, and hes just as healthy as everyone else.but he was sold as a PET only so he will remain happy and healthy
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I hope it is ok to ask this, but what does a runt go for$? She does not want to bread it....its only for a pet...We are in Moncton, N.B. Canada. I don't know if you sell to this far away or if you even have any for sale.
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A runt shouldnt go for anymore than a regular pet kitten. thats one thing that the "toy" "teacup" labelers do..they hike the prices..horribly.

I sent you a pm.
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Maybe she could purchase a female-they are usually smaller than the males-and maybe get a female that came from 2 moderate sized persians-
I have a girl here who is an adult aroudn 7 lbs, not big, not tiny, just perfect I think-
Teacups and mini persians, are not healthy nor recognized my the CFA not sure on TICA-or other organizations-but not a healthy venture nor responsible as a breeder-as a persian breeder I will only breed from the strongest most vibrant and show standard persians-
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I do believe she is looking for a female but I will let her know about this info...
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I want to thank you for asking about this "designer" cat stuff. That's all it is - a money making thing from either poorly informed people or GREEDY people looking for an unsuspecting person so sell their overpriced, bad quality kittens.

Its all a gimick. What your friend should do, is to attend a cat show locally and talk to breeders that she likes about getting a quality kitten. Doesn't have to be show quality - breeders do have pet quality cats - which are just as healthy, but may have a minor flaw in them that they can't compete. Like in a persian you might have ears too big or nose too long. But you still get a good cat who's had just as much care as her show quality brother

Some things to consider - do NOT get a kitten from a breeder who is selling them to new homes under the age of 10 weeks old - they need time with mom/siblings up till then to become a better cat mentally and physically. Plus your kitten would have all their shots and probably be neutered or spayed (covered in the cost of the kitten).

Expect to pay several hundred dollars. Sometimes "cheap" is not better - you wind up with more health problems which cost far more then the initial price you'd pay for a good breeder's kittens.

Also I hope you will discourage your friend from getting a kitten from a pet shop! They come from backyard breeders and kitten mills - both are NOT good places to get a kitten (besides they are way overpriced).
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I can not believe this frightening new trend developing for very small pets. I think it is nothing but 'it' girl mentality, wanting to look fashionable strolling up and down the street with your pet in your handbag. Its disgusting to breed cats or any other pet for this reason, irresponsible, unhealthy and sick! I really dont know how people get away with breeding runts for purely fashion accessories, grrrrrrrr. No offence to the person enquiring, as you have done further research and found out how wrong it is, its just my opinion on this particular subject.

Sorry I will get off my soapbox now, lol
Saynamore Persians
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stoli was a 'runt' and is now a healthy beauty. but of course he would not have been bred anyways.......
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She didn't want it for a handbag cat... She heard that there was such a thing and she just loves the look of a little kitten (they are so cute), so she figured that if its available...why not get something that is so cute. Now that she knows the difference....with a little education from me comming here, she dosn't want something like that.....she will look for a regular persian.
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That's good to hear! I'm pleased she's reconsidered

My kitten who I rescued at 3 weeks old was a runt, and now she's the same size as our other cats. And she still has a very kitten looking face, and a kitteny looking body, and possibly always will. That's due to a genetic defect though, and she has bad eyes and I don't think very good depth perception.

I adore our little girl, but I'd be much happier if I didn't have to worry about her genetic defects! We have to put eye drops in her eyes 2-3 times a week now, for the rest of her life, and because of her poor depth perception she could never be allowed outside.

Unfortunately, kittens like children grow up, and they can't stay kitten cute forever. Lucky by the time they lose their kitten cuteness, they've become your best friend, and they're still cute adult kitties!
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I have a Persian and have never heard of a toy. In fact I have only heard that term applied to dogs, such as toy poodle.
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same here...Toy poodle...that is why we really thought there was a breed for the cat family....we know better now....I love these forums, You learn so much from others...
I agree that you do fall in love with your cat.... When I purchased my cat, I never would have bought a cat that was going to kick me out of bed to get my pillow, but as time passes they become your best, best friend....He waits in the window for me to get home from work then when he see's me pull into the driveway he runs to the door and lie's down in front of it and pretends he was waiting there, I have to push him out of the way with the door to get in....

Here is a before and after pic......when he was young and now.....
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He looks like a cat with a lot of attitude and personality. It's his world and you just happen to be in it.
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I am glad your friend has seen the light. this place is a good one for..knowledge for sure

BTW did you get my PM?
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Sorry for not responding...I did get the pm. I believe she is looking for a white female. I told her about it and the ball is in her park....
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Love your red tabby boy - reds are one of my fav colors
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Originally Posted by nastyboy View Post
Holy dooley, that's not a cat, it's a small lion!!!!

He's gorgeous! I love the pic of him in the sink
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Hey Sara
Can I pinch that saying - holy dooley! - think its great.
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