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Is she in Labor????

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She is having some discharge and Crying/Moaning really Loud, her belly keeps getting really hard... is she in Labor??????

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It sounds very much like she could be. Have you noticed a rippling movement in her belly? Is she straining at all?

Just keep a close eye on her for a while. I have all my fingers and toes crossed for you x x x x x
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ooo that sounds promising they also purr once contractions start

lots of soothing & calming (((((( vibes )))))) coming your way

keep us posted if you can
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I guess she is ONE BABY SO FAR!!!
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That sounds about right. Discharge then she'll start to pant. then you will see a rippling affect on her tummy like she's straining to poo. then the growling and meowing or lound meowing screams.
Hope all goes well . let us know what happens

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oh how exciting. cant wait to see pics and hear of any
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Baby #2 and #3 and #4 are here! So far they all are dark colored
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aww shes doing real well
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congratz, i wonder if she is gonna have any more?
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I think she may be done
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She has done really well.
Boos litter last year took ages to arrive. She first started acting odd about lunch time then started to deliver around 5 ish. She was done by about 9 pm.

Congrats to you both. x x x x
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She is doing so well cleaning them, ate all the placentas (that was gross LOL) and now they are nursing.
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i must admit even though im usually really good with stuff like that the min Boo started chewing on the placenta's it did kinda turn my tummy a little. LOL
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haha guess I was wrong I went back to check on her and there was another we are at 5 for now
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arrr bless her, she was just taking a break.

Hope she doesnt have too much more to do. It was hard enough when i gave birth to 1 let alone 5!!! LOL
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ha ha and now a #6

OH I know about the birth thing, I have had 3 babies...I could imagine pushing out more then 1 in one day!!
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wow........she must have had them crammed in there. LOL

I have 3 babies too.......2 boys and a girl. Im sure glad there was at least a 2 year gap between having them all though!!
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Oh yay! Six? That's so exciting. I'm glad to hear such a large litter turn out so successful. Congratulations.
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Aww! 6 babies? She had a whole crew in there! So glad everything went well Do you have any pics?
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six thats gonna mean major cuteness overload

congratulations to all

Keep us and when you get chance we'd love to see some photos, remember, not with a flash, those kittens eyes are very sensitive - aww, bless well they are very new
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aw i missed it all???
congrats to you and mummy xxx so glad everything went well.
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Yay babies!

Way to go mama!

Glad everythign went well.
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6 is the final number, I'll be back with pics
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Aww, i bet they are adorable. She certainly was hiding the other two in there. What colors are they?
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