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Paint balling anyone?

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I just went paint balling yesterday afternoon. I've done it before and I know how fun it usually is but this time me and my friends were taking on a bunch of guys from the military. Needless to say, they rarely missed and by the end of the match me and the rest of my team was painted bright yellow. I looked like a Simpsons character. Of course it doesn't help that the other team had semi-automatic paint ball guns (they brought their own) and we had to use the single-fire rentals. It hurt quite a bit since we were all in a pretty small area and therefore pretty close together. We are supposed to take them on again next week (weather pending). Anyone else on here a big paint ball fan?
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Noo Im not. My son however, that used to be his all time favorite past time!!

I do want to try it though...when I get a bit braver,lol...
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My brothers and Dad used to be into that- I got shot in the leg once, and that was enough for me! That HURT!!
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Anyone in Oregon wants to paintball war. Please let me know! I really want to try it.
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It doesn't hurt than much unless you are shot at close range. I got shot probably about 50 times and I only have 4 bruises. It's really a lot of fun. Most of the time you don't feel much pain because you are too involved and concentrating on not being seen and shooting everyone else. What hurts the most is being shot in the neck, the hand, or the shins. Other than that there really isn't anything to worry about. But a little advice for you who may choose to try it: stay low and hidden, don't waste the paint balls, bring gloves that you can get dirty, and always wear your helmet. If you are shot in the ear or eye, it is very possible for you to be killed. It has already happened here once.
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We have four paintball guns and we set up an AWESOME course on our property. I've never been to a "real" paintball course. We had to stop playing here when the bear family moved in. But we did use one of the paintball guns to discourage the bears from using just behind our house as a lounging area.

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i used to play that some, it was alot of fun!!!!
oh well maybe some day i will be able to play again
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Tried it once many years ago and it wasn't for me. Too war-like! And I'm not a super athelete and not a competitor, so I wasn't very good at it because I wasn't motivated to beat the other team and win.
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