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Sunday morning chase

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Yep, Persi & Alley are sure good friends, they just love to chase each other and wrestle with each other all the time now. What good behavior, right? Well, how would you like to wake up on Sunday morning and see this:

This table is the one they used as their launching pad from the living room into the hallway to the bedrooms. Persi has broken several vases before but we never thought that they could break this one. In case you cannot tell, this is a very heavy table with a marble top that they knocked over and this is a very expensive vase they broke. And to think I was bragging about their behavior last week! So now, I have to spend part of the day cat proofing the house even more. But the problem is, they can think of things to break that I cannot think of! At least when they used to just sit and hiss at each other and stared daggers at each other, nothing got broke!
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Never understimate the mischievousness of a cat

Well that is why I live in a padded home, specifically designed for cats and toddlers.

Actually, my cats have a plant/flower fetish and will chew, eat, and puke, usually by 4am, right in my path). So havent had flowers, or a vase in which to place said flowers, in like...ever.

I cant' even recount all the changes we've made to accomodate the safety and health of our cats (and our sanity)!!! Add toddlers to the mix and it's amazing how much gets put away

Just assume that whatever you think is 'safe' is actually feline fair game, and you'll all understand each other better

Do you have a tall cat tree? They are worth EVERY PENNY. My cats zoom up and down that thing (we have 2) and get all their kitty crazies out that way.

Of course that doesnt' stop the cats from hanging out in the whirlpool tub and batting around the kids' bath toys
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