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Hi, Fellow Cat People!

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I have been a passive reader of this site off and on and have decided that my extroverted nature allows me to be quiet for only sooooooo long!! So here I am! I am anxious to learn the ropes and get to know you wonderful feline lovers!!!!
I have 3 cats, one which has been named "Closet Kitty" because she lives in our storeroom and has since we took her as a favor for a dear friend. She has never learned to socialize with the other animals and has just started letting me pet her A LITTLE with her morning treats. (We got her on January 3, 2001!)It has been a trial of patience and love. Thank goodness my husband is understanding and also an animal lover!
Whew! See how bottled up all of this has been!!!!
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Hello Slinker and welcome from me and my four brats!

I have a 'closet kitty' myself and it took her a long time to warm up to me but now she's a little love bug. It certainly takes alot of patience but I am sure it will all be repayed soon. I look forward to hearing more about you and your kitty and maybe even some pictures of the little girl?
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Welcome to TCS!!
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Yes Welcome!

I rescue ferals so I have survived closet kitties, rafter kitties, under the armchair for a year kitties! Feel free to PM me for any advice on how to break through to the Trust Barrier!
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Welcome to the site! If you've been lurking then you already know what wonderful people (and kitties!) we have here. I'm glad you decided to join us.

I look forward to getting to know you and all of your kitties in the forums!
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Hi Slinker, welcome. Glad you've finally decided to joins us.

It's great to hear the work you're doing to help your confused and scared kitty.
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Gosh, thanks for the warm welcome!
Yes, Closet Kitty has finally started to trust me a little, but is still very skittish. It is so wonderful to be able to pet her a little now, though and feel her respond! She lived without much human contact, and what she had was usually not the good kind. I sure hope that someday she will acclimate to my house and the other pets. I have always kept a child barrier in front of the door so they can see and smell and hear each other, but the few times they have had face to face encounters, I thought the Closet Kitty (aka Sweetie- she came with it...)was going to tear the other one apart!!
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I'm glad that barrier was there, but it was probably just a protecting the turf thing. I didn't have the luxury of a child barrier when I first got my roo. we kept him in the spca box we got him in and put him in the middle of the floor. Tigger slowly went up to it and jumped about two feet in the air when she heard cat meow's from it! I wish I could have separeted them for awhile, maybe Tigger wouldn't have gotten as deathly ill as she did. Well, it probably would've happened anyway. anywho, Welcome!
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I can't imagine a world without people like you and the rest of the cat parents here. Closet kitty and all of the kittyoes of the world need us. We are truely the lucky ones to have our lives to enriched by these perfect animals. Thank you for being there for her/him.

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