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1. What's the TCS Broadcast?

The TCS Broadcast is very similar to a radio show. It is an audio broadcast over the internet, headed by one of the TCS staff members and discussing cats and forum related issues.

2. How do I listen in to the TCS Broadcast?

In order to listen you need to have -
  • Skype installed on your computer. You can download Skype for free at Skype is one of the most popular voice chat software solution and you can use that to talk to people, or just listen in on shows.
  • Speakers or headphones working on your computer.
  • To be online at the designated time and click a certain link that will start the show for you.
3. How can I join the TCS Broadcast as a speaker?

We sometimes invite members to speak on the show, either to discuss cat related issues or just to chat with us live on the air. In order to participate you need to -
  • Have a working mic on your computer.
  • Use headphones and not speakers for your output (otherwise we'd all get a nasty echo... you may want to opt for a headphones+mic headset!)
  • Contact our show host and coordinator in advance and ask to be on the show.
4. When is the next show?

Follow this announcement thread for the most current shows.
Stay Tuned - New Date Coming Up Soon

5. Can I listen to past shows?

We will be making recordings of the shows and making them available here for you to download and listen to:

The TCS Broadcast - April 7, 2007

The TCS Broadcast - April 9, 2007 - Pregnant Cats and Kittens