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Siamese Catsitting Diaries Days 4, 5 & 6 (Happy At Last)

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Our little Boomer is finally settled and much better now. Wow, what a stressful 3 days it was. By the 4th day he was so much better. No more swatting, no more lunging. Just a calm kitty who wants lots of attention which he is getting from me for sure. I have been able to kiss him on the forehead, numerous times. I laid on the floor and let him climb on my head with his two front paws sniffing my hair. He lays in my lap now and just wants to snuggle with me and purrs like crazy. Here are pics of my visits with him. We are both so much more relaxed now. He still tries to get out when I come in but the towel helps and the "back up back up" does the trick every time now.

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What a beautiful little boy he is too! I am so glad things have calmed down for both of you!! Now, about my vacation next Spring ... you ~will~ be coming by to care for MY cats, right??? *grin*
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Give me the dates and I'll put you in my calendar.

Thanks so much for all your advice along the way. He is such a good boy and I tell him that everyday and tell him how beautiful he is. It's amazing how different he is now from when we first started to get to know each other all over again. I remember missing him after I had watched him for 10 days, last year when his parents were on their cruise. Now I'm gonna miss him all over again. LOL
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Oh, I am soo happy to hear this! I was thinking about you guys this weekend and wondering what was up! He just needed someone who cares, and obviously (by your posts) you care! Great job with Boomer!
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Thank you honey! I'll continue to update and take pics.
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He is beautiful! Glad the cat sitting is going better!

I noticed that his ear is tipped, was he rescued from a feral or stray cat colony?
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Hooray! Siamese are intelligent and learn quickly, and he'll have realised by now that his beloved humans aren't going to be there for a while so if he's going to get affection right now it has to be from you and that means being nice!

I'm glad to hear it's going better now. He's a beautiful creature
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So Glad you and Boomer have established a good repoire He is so gorgeous
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