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Rosie right now!!

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This is where she is right now, sunning herself on the windowsill beside me so i had to open the blinds for her

Gosh mum it's warm but i love it!!

This is the life!!

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Aww Rosie you are so cute soaking up the sunshine...She is nice and toasty..
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OMG those are precious
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Aww she looks so cozy and comfortable. Both of my cats were also sunspot sitting when I got up this morning.
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aww things cant get any tougher eh

give that fluffy tum some rubs from us
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Cuteness alert from Rosie She looks so relaxed sitting there by the window!
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what a cutie
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The essence of life: Sun and Cats
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Gosh, she looks so content! I just want to run my fingers through her soft fur and feel how toasty warm she is!
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Move over, Rosie! I want some of that warm sunshine, too.
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Awww...who WOULDN'T want to run their hand through Rosie's sun-baked toasty coat? So cozy!!!
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Awww, sweet Rosie enjoying that sunshine!
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Look at that smile!
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What a life you have Rosie! and you know it, too!
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awe look at rosie, she is just such an expressive girl and what a cutie pie
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i think you are working rosie way to hard.
look at the way she just has to relax there.
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Originally Posted by theimp98 View Post
i think you are working rosie way to hard.
look at the way she just has to relax there.
She works her mum too hard Bruce!
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My daughter and I said your kitty is so cute!

She's not camera shy, is she! I like to bury my face in my cat's sunwarmed fur; how relaxing to see a kitty in the sun!
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Awwwww!!!! WHAT a cutie she is!!!
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How can you live with such cuteness?
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Oh, she's such a beautiful kitty!
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Ahh What a sweeet Rosie cat!!!
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Such a cutie pie! And what a life, nothing to do but lie around in the sun! Alley loves to lay in the sun but Persi does not. I assume this is because Persi has so much hair that it is just too hot for him.
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Man its just such a hard life.
Lovely pics
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