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Toilet Paper Caper

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Oh my what have we here? What are you doing up there Bob?

Who me? what? uhhh

uhh just hanging out. Uh huh sure ya are

I told you he was up to no good mama

I can see that

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I've had many a roll of TP look like that. It still works
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Oh look at that!
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I love it! I mean, that`s a baaad kitty!
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bad cats! Ahh they are so cute
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oh my even when you hide the darn loo-rolls, someone always manages to find em
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too funny and soooo busted!
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It's your fault for leaving such good looking TP out!
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thats just too cute..and u should have none better meowmy

But o my they both are such cuties
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What great pics!!! Very funny pics!!

My kitties prefer Paper towels!!
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LOL too cute. My cats have never done that...but give them time.
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Whitey is like that, but only if I'm lazy about the package when I get home. He likes to chew on plastic and the last time I bought the Costco size of TP. He went to town on it. Boyfriend refused to wipe with any roll that was marked with Whitey's tooth
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... I have a few that love doing that too!!
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That is hysterical...Bob's Markings make him look like he's wearing a cape I love it
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