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Distressed over pregnant new stray!

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Three weeks ago I took home a stray kitten (she appeared to be maybe 6-8 mos old, and I had confirmed with the neighbors that she had been left behind by old residents)(I have one male already who I picked up from the pound)...Got her vaccinated about two days later, with a first set of shots. Now I found out that she is pregnant (she was in heat when I picked her up - I figured this out AFTER she had the vaccination! - but we couldn't know if she was pregnant until several weeks in)...The vet is pushing to get rid of the pregnancy, saying that complications from the vaccinations are probable...I believe in spaying, and I had planned on it, but felt like if the babies had a chance of being healthy, then I would want to see this through...Does anyone have any experience with pregnancies and vaccinations? She would have only been days into her pregnancy, if that, when she had the shots...

I have scheduled her for the spay/"abortion" next week, but I feel like I need a second opinion (or three or four!) before I take this step...I know that there are thousands of animals put to sleep daily, and I should be safe in the knowledge that this is the right thing to do, but if I felt like I could have found homes for these kitties, and taken care of them as needed, I just wanted to let nature take its course...Is that wrong? Any advice or input anyone can offer would be appreciated! I guess the LAST thing that I want to do is allow this kitty to be in danger, or come home to a litter of stillborn kitties, which I think would be as traumatic to me as it would be my new baby! Thanks so much!

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I really think at this point, the spay is the best option. When you have a cat who has an unknown history, and recieved vaccines while pregnant, you never know what could happen. Although it's a hard choice, it's better for the cat in the long run. If she is spayed early on, it's really no more than a normal spay.
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These folks are breeders of sort. They are very kind and know alot about the cats we love. All you need to do is belong to Yahoo to post and recieve answers. Blessing to you for caring my friend.

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Dear Sandie, As a breeder with many years experience, what are the odds that the kittens would be abnormal? I miss you as moderator here, by the way, but your hubby is doing a great job. As you know, I have experience in this field, but you are the expert. Sometimes it's difficult to know when to get vaccinations, since our females come in season so often.
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Depending on the kittens gestation age, the chances could be very high that there will be abnormalities when the kittens are born, if they make it to term at all. It's not my breeding experience that tells me this, but rather the experience I have working for a veterinarian. If you are breeding cats, you should know when you are putting your females with a male. If you are going to vaccinate, you should do so a month before breeding.
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