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Me and Tom

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Here is an old photo I found of me at 2 1/2 years old and a cat named Tom. Mom says he let me do absolutely anything to him. She tried to make sure I didn't hurt him and that I never squeezed him hard. Poor Tom! I suppose I thought it was an easy way to hold him He is probably the reason I love cats so much now

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OOPS! Can someone move this to the pics section please?
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OMG you look like you are choking him What an adorable pic
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that is so funny - yet very quaint at the same time I hope the 'newbie' who was wondering about getting a new cat and they had a 3 yr old sees this
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Poor Tom, but then I have pics somewhere of me at the same age riding around on the backs of my grandpa's dogs
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Thank you! I hope Tom is living a good life over the RB. He most definitely earned it. At least his tongue isn't sticking out in this pic, so maybe I wasn't holding too tight.
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