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Suki has always dribbled, especially when she's being loved up (stroked etc). The last vet we had said it was a sign of dental problems, but our new vet said there's very little tartar on her teeth. He gave us some special biscuits and a sample of special tooth gel.

As it seems to be a thing she does when she's happy, I was wondering if anyone else has this with their cats?

thanx for any help
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A cat that often boards at the clinic, a big red and white tabby named Garnet drools all over himself when you scratch his cheeks for too long. It's kind of gross but he's so adorable rolling around, drooling for your affection.
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Thanks for the info It does seem to be a thing she does when she's being cuddled etc.

LOL that cat sounds adorable
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Ivo drools when she's getting hard-core loving. I've ended up with wet patches on my pants and comforter from her. She is missing one of her canines, but she drooled even before it was extracted. My Dad's cat Pumpkin drools, too, when she is getting loving.
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Gosh yes, Ferdy (who bears remarkable similarity to Suki) dribbles like a mad thing. I have little beige patches all over my duvet cover where he's been sleeping and dribbling!

Serves me right for liking crisp white bedlinen I suppose . . .
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Thanx for putting my mind at ease about it, I was a little worried that she may have dental problems.

She's already known as gummy after having 5 teeth out last year :o
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I remember that my grandmother's cat always slobbered when you loved on him and he live to be 21!

charlottiek, Ninikitty, Lila
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