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new kitty not eating today

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first day home with new kitty about a year old. hiding, timid but most importantly, not eating or drinking. i have her in our bathroom tonite with blanket, litter box and food/water. hopefully, she will take some nourishment. i even tried feeding her off my finger...no luck.

any ideas?
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It might be the stress from moving so much! Give her time she will come around! She is probly just scared and confused! Also some cats dont like food off of peoples hands (hard to believe right) but my tessa wont eat it off of ur hand u have to drop it in front of her! Just be sure to keep monitoring her and see if shes eating or drinking! If need be make a vet appointment just to be safe! But like i said it might be due to stress from coming from outside to the shelter and now moving again!
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Yes, I agree with ProudKittieMom, she will come around.

You can also dab just a little food on her nose. She will smell the food and naturally lick and get a little flavor and may spark her interest to have some. But she won't starve. When she is ready she will eat.

However, it is more important to keep them hydrated. When I feed my kitties wet food twice a day, I add water and mix well. I use one 3oz can between three cats per meal this way. You can spread out the food doing it this way and keep them hydrated. I make sure they get some water in their diets since their water bowl does not go down much. Keeping kitties from dehydrating is very important too.

Hope that helps some.
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Hi there! I'm in the same boat. Our new kitty finally had a few bites of dry food after 40 hours here. She's still not had anything to drink, but I'm hopeful that she'll come around to the water.

I finally got her to eat by sitting there next to her food with her for 20 minutes. She would sniff it and start to turn away. Every time she did, I pushed her back to the food bowl. Try that and see how it goes.
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I agree with the above posts. It's pretty normal and she probably just needs time to adjust. It took Polly a while to come around and eat when we brought her home but in a short while she adjusted well and now she is a spoiled, happy girl.
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