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Hi There

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Y'all are right. This IS a great site! Anyway, I'll start by telling you about my kitties.

Oliver is my 3 year old gray & white tuxedo cat. He is very much a gentleman (even the vet says so). We have a one bedroom apartment and prefer to keep cats indoors so he was an only cat until about 6 months ago when my boyfriend and I adopted...

Tripod. Tripod is a black/brown & white tabby. As you may have guessed, Tripod has only 3 legs. He was born that way. We found him at my work when he was very little, 1.12 pounds. He was hissing, filthy and starving, and it took 3 grown men to catch him. One of them named him Tripod. His handicaps don't end there. 2 of his paws are deformed, so he only has one good foot, but he has no idea!

Tripod has not hissed once since the day he was captured. He is a healthy and vibrant kitten who loves to play. He and Oliver constantly chase each other around the apartment. He purrs so loudly and so much, I consideded renaming him Lionel (after the train set).

At first, Oliver was jealous. I was concerned that he would hurt Tripod. Many times I heard screaming and removed Tripod from the area. They are both very vocal cats. I couldn't keep him away though. As soon as I released him. he would "attack" Oliver. Nowadays when I get home from work, they are both waiting at the door for me.

I will try to include a photo soon.

I am looking forward to chatting with all of you cat lovers!
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Aw Tripod is a superb name and I'm so glad you have taken him into your hearts We'd all love to see both your cats.

Welcome to your second home, well it's mine anyway You'll find us all helpful and a great laugh

I look forward to chatting with you
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Rockcat, Welcome. Oliver and Tripod sound like an interesting family! I'm looking forward to seeing pictures. I'm so glad you were able to look past Tripod's "disablility."--Although it sounds to me that he doesn't consider his condition a problem!
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Welcome to the site! It is a very addictive place to spend your time. Oliver and Tripod sound like they keep you entertained and loved at all times. I can just imagine 3 grown men chasing after this little "crippled" cat, and them just not being able to believe he could possibly be so fast! LOL It is wonderful of you to take in a special needs kitty, although I think his only special need is to be loved. Oliver has quite a friend there.
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Thanks so much, BuNN, Jeanie G., & valanhb for the warm welcome!

This is my 3rd try attaching photos. Each of them is less than 18000 bytes, but they don't show up in the preview. I'll try just one for now. I guess it didn't work. These are scanned in photo from a 35 mm. Any suggestions?

Y'all are right about Tripod's only special need is to be loved. He is no more work than any other cat, for me, anyway. He does have dificulty "covering up" in the litter box. Fortunately, Oliver is very helpful. If anything is "exposed" when he needs to use the box, he covers it up for Tripod.

I have a question. Tripod seems to have an endless appetite. Does anyone think this is because he was starving when he was found, or just because he's a kitten? I have to get him neutered very soon and dread not letting him eat that morning.

Great chating with y'all!

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Renee, I just attached a photo in the lounge, and for some reason it didn't show up in the preview either, but did show up on the post. Just be sure the dimensions of the photo are less than 400 x 400 pixels, and less than 33K and you should be fine, and it should probably be either a GIF or JPEG (not Bitmap). If it is too big when you post it you will get an error message that it is too big and it will take you back to your posting screen.

Hope that didn't confuse you too much. Photos are a nemesis of many here.
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Welcome to you and your 2 colourful kitty characters.

I too can't wait to see pictures. We're all suckers for cute kitty pics here!
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Hi Everyone,

I'm still trying to show you some pics --- maybe I'll get it right this time.:tounge2: ---or maybe not. It's still not showing up on the preview. I don't know how to tell how many pixels it is. Do I need to use a digital camera?

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If they are less than 18000 bytes, you should be OK with the pixel size. If you have a photo editing program, go into the Image Size option and there should be a way of seeing how large it is in pixels instead of inches or centimeters.

I think there may be a problem with preview images right now. I noticed that yesterday, too. Try attaching your pic and just submit the post without previewing it. That may work.
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Thanks, I'll try posting without previewing. About that program, I don't think we have that, but it's possible.

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Way Cool!!! It worked!!! The photo in my previous post is Oliver, the 3 year old.

This is Tripod. (Hopefully, I was able to attach him too).

Thanks for all the help!

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What cuties! Tripod looks like he is a bundle of fun!
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It was well worth the wait. It's a pleasure to meet your "owners". They are beauties!
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I'm so glad it worked! What a beautiful fur family you have. Oliver looks so content, you can tell he knows he runs the place. LOL And Tripod! What a cutie-pie! You know, we love all kitties, but Tripod's story has really touched my heart, all of ours I'm sure.
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Very Very Cute!!!
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Thanks so much for all the kind words!
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I used to know a man called Tripod - nuff said!

My friend has a three legged cat - and he is just as agile as a four legged one - and still brings home little "presents" for her (birds, mice etc).

Your cats look beautiful. Welcome to the site. Hope to see more of you - and more pictures of your cats
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Hello Flimflam,

-Appreciate the welcome. Regarding the man you knew, sounds like you knew him quite're right...'nuff said!

I only get to chat sporadically, but really enjoy all of you!

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Oliver reminds me of my Bazil! Tripod looks like quite the charmer. In regards to your earlier question as to his huge appetite, has he been dewormed yet? That may be the problem, if not my guess is that he's just glad to have the food around!!
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Your cats look adorable! And Tripod has quite the story!

Nice to meet you!

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Hi, great to have you. Your Tripod looks like my Pokemon. Oliver is quite hansome.

I look forward to getting to know you and your purrfamily.

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