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Two of my little foster kittens have a new home!!!!!

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Great news everyone!!! Two of my little bitty foster kittens now have a lovely new home to go to when they're ready! Tonight i had an interview witha couple who was interested in adopting them...i let them come over to the house and set up an appointment to see the kittens/etc. They were sooooooo wonderful!!!!! They spent almost 3 hours with them!
They even wanted to learn how to bottle feed and all that so i taught them and they got to help feed their new little kittens!!! it was soo sweet to see them all bond together! What a blessing!!! I am estatic about this couple- they're soo awesome and will give these kittens such a great home when they're ready! They are adopting Piper (the only kitty that survived, her other two siblings passed on recently of fading kitten syndrome.) and they are adopting Lola from my older litter of 3 tiger tabbies They are renaming Piper, Mimi after a kitty they used to have who passed on a while back- they said she looks just like her! and they are renaming little Lola, Cali. The kitties just loved them to pieces too!!!! They took right to them! They are still too young to go to a home yet and I will be fostering them for a while longer...so in the mean time the couple will be setting up appointments to see their new furbabies between now and then! They will both be spayed, vaccinated, and microchipped before going to their new home! I am soooooooo excited! Also- more great news- two more families are comming later in the week, both looking for one kitten a piece when they're ready to go home- i have two little tiger tabbie kittens left, linus and lily, who need homes so that would be perfect if they each had a new home as well!!!! Keep your fingers crossed,it looks like all of my foster babies will have pre approved homes when they're ready!!!!
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Thats so great Nikki, they sound like wonderful people!
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That's so great Nikki! I just love it when people "feel right"...it makes things so much easier!
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Nikki, that is such wonderful news..
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Thanks everyone!! I am just estatic about this wonderful couple!!! They are sooo sweet and were just soo great with the kitties! They were also really sweet around my animals as well (something i keep in mind when looking at potential adopters is how they treat everyone and handle them) they passed the interview with flying colors and are just soo great! I feel really good knowing two of my little girls will have a great new home with them! That definitely makes being a foster mommy soo nice when you find that perfect home for your foster kittens- it's a wonderful feeling!! They're going to set up an appointment in a few days to come back and hang out with the kittens again and spend time with them
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that's awesome, Nikki! I am so excited for you and the kitties, too!
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That's great news!!! They sound like a great couple and the fact that they wanted to spend so much time with them, learn how to feed and bond is a really important factor when looking for potential adopters! It's also good to see the kittens liking them also in return! I think you will be happy knowing that they have a good home to go to and I hope the others will also get some special homes to go to.
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That's fantastic, you must be so happy to know that your little foster's will be going to a loving home.
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thankyou everyone! i am just thrilled about this wonderful couple- i just know my kittens are going to have a wonderful forever home with them!!!! and the fact that they wanted to spend sooo much time with them playing/feeding/learing to care for them definitely was a good thing! They are going to call again this week to set up another appointment to visit them. They are soo nice! The kittens just adore them too! Little Mimi (i'm going to go ahead and start calling them by their new names so they'll be accustomed to them when they go to their new home) is REALLY in love with the man- she was just purring away while he fed her her bottle and snuggled right up to him to go to sleep! and little Cali LOVES her new mommy! She snuggled right between her chest and was sticking both paws out and kissing her- sooo cute!!!!! I am very happy- i feel like this is the best possible home for these girls so that made my night finding out they wanted both!! Origionally they were just going to get one,but when they saw my other litter of kittens, they both fell in love with Cali and decided that it would be best to have two kittens together
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Nikki that is just such GREAT news Those people sound wonderful and sound like they are going to be Great new fur parents
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Thats great news. Thank you for all you do to help babies like these.
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That is wonderful news, they sound wonderful people to be so willing to do all that for them.
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That's awesome Nikki, and the fact that they will keep coming over to see them will help that bond so when they go home with them it will be an easy transition
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Awww Nikki, what wonderful news..You must be just beaming for those little kitties
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That's great, Nikki, particularly that they're taking two, and will visit so the kittens get to know them.
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Nikki, thats such joyous news!!

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Not such good news now guys- please keep little Mimi (formerly Piper) in your prayers! I just got home a minute ago from work and found her laying on top of her stuffie and completly off her fleecy blankets and heating pads. she was freezing!!!! Even though she's in the warmest spot in the house. I took her out and immedately warmed her up and got some fluids in her. She was doing better when i put her back in her carrier and i took the stuffie out and added some more fleecy blankets/turned the heating pad up to keep her warm. I don't know what happened It really scared me. I hope she's ok. I don't want to have to call her new owners and tell them bad news if something happens.
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for little Mimi!

My new Jade was sleeping so soundly I picked her up & she didn't respond. It scared the bejeeprs outta me....I can't imagine what's going through your mind right now Nikki! MEGA to you!
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Oh no Nikki...many vibes for that sweet girl.
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thanks guys it really scared me...when her siblings died- i found them in a similar way. i am hoping little mimi is ok. i'm about to go check on her again and make sure she's still warm.
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Ok- well i just checked on her a minute ago and it seems like she's doing well. Thank goodness!! I was really starting to worry for a mintue there! She was nice and warm (i checked her body temp.) and snuggled in her fleecy blanket above her heating pad. I guess i will just have to leave the heating pad on a little bit warmer than i usually do for her.
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Phew, thank god it seems to have been nothing - maybe just cos she doens't have anyone to keep her warm?
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Originally Posted by booktigger View Post
Phew, thank god it seems to have been nothing - maybe just cos she doens't have anyone to keep her warm?
that's what i was thinking. i feel aweful that she is all by herself- but i cannot put her in with my other litter of kittens because they are bigger than her and will step all over her little fragil body. that's why i had the stuffie in there with her so she could snuggle with it- but she climbed on top of it and got out of the warmth of her heating pads/blankie....so i think that's why she was soo cold earlier. i've been checking on her every few minutes since it happened worrying about her. she's such a sweet baby- i'd feel aweful if anything happened.
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Aww, I am sure she will be fine.
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just a little update- she was doing fairly well when i fed the foster kittens a few minutes ago. she was warm- GOOD! Aside from that i'm a little worried- she had a small amount of diarreah and didn't eat too well- none the less i got a good amount of pedialyte down her just to be safe. i will keep an eye on her tonight. i'm worried about the little one. tomorrow i'm going to see if i can get a vet appointment to get little Linus from my older kitten litter checked out (his little man bits don't look so good) so i'll see if i can get her in as well.
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Continued {{{vibes}}} for Mimi!
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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
Continued {{{vibes}}} for Mimi!
thanks hon- i'm REALLY hoping she's ok and i'm just over reacting, but with them sooo small usually i'm pretty accurate on things like that. i dunno though- i'm just making sure she's well hydrated and stays warm. if she needs a sub q iv- i have everything here to give her one- but she's well hydrated so i think she's ok. i hope! i think i'm just worried because her litter mates passed on. i just hope she is ok so that she can get big and strong to go to her new family when she's ready.
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How old is Mimi? And any ideas on why her littermates passed?

Didn't you take kittens in for FIV testing or something like that?
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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
How old is Mimi? And any ideas on why her littermates passed?

Didn't you take kittens in for FIV testing or something like that?
she's about oh lets see 2 weeks right now (i'll have to look up the exact date! cant remember off the top of my head.) I got her when she was just a day or so old with her litter mates. Her litter mates passed of what i think was Fading Kitten Syndrome- it strikes fast and quickly often times in seemingly healthy kittens. It was really sad. Their thread is in the crossing the bridge section. at two weeks she is much too young for an FIV test. No way that we could get a good blood stick off her. When she's about 6 weeks i'll test her for it. (it was actually the 3 older kittens that we were going to test and that was for FIP same issue though- too young for a good blood stick- they are actually looking great though)
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I was trying to remember everything straight....you've got too many to keep track of! I'm going to have to do some research on fading kitten syndrome....I've heard of it but never really knew what it is.
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