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Some people eat filet mignon, and some have to eat pot roast. We are the pot roast.
I happen to love pot roast!

It's ok, I understand what you're saying about budget, it sucks to have to have one.
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I so I understand.I to feed chicken soup for the soul to my 3 fluffalos.The big bag is only 2 dollars more expensive than purina plus.But the eat less have cleaner/less stools(saves litter right lol).I really think it saves me hundreds if not thousands on vet bills.(1 boy has probs with cystitis the other boy has bowel issues only the girl is "normal").
Another good place to look for it are independent owned small pet stores.They often carry what the chains don't have in order to differentiate themselves and they will often order stuff for you specially if you can give them an I-net addy.Thats how I started getting mine,and now (actually even before the recalls) he has a lots people buying so much so that he holds back a bag for me cause people buy it up.Independant stores generally are really great at making customers happy and open to adding a new product if they know they can sell it (meaning you go and buy it lol).Bet This is even more true now then before the recalls.
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Alot of people are all about the Chicken Noodle Soup for the Cat Lovers Soul product! Any positive feed back? I am currently feeding my cats Felidae wet and Wellness dry! Wellness dry is expensive and I wouldnt mind checking into this product! Im trying to get my cats on an all wet diet but that is going to take some time! In the meantime I need more dry tonight! Is it comprable to Wellness?
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The supplier link was helpful I did find another big Pet store that sells it, I would not hesitate to return the product there. It isn't exactly close, but it is a place my work travels take me too. so I will check it out, if it is doable price wise, I will let the guys decide.
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