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Toy hogging...

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There's really no other way to put it. I buy and make plenty of toys for the cats but Tomas takes them all! Once Tomas claims a toy for his Sho won't touch it
Sho loves furry toys and tossing them around, he really needs to play more.
Right now he's playing with a freshly bought "great balls of fur" toy, it looks like an octopus with furry top, and Tomas is trying hard to sneak passed us to steal it.

Does anyone else have problems with the dominate cat claiming all the toys? And will rubbing the toy on Sho regularly to keep his scent on it help some?
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oh thats a strange one, I've not heard of it before..... I've seen & heard about kitties getting precious over a toy but only for a short time...........

We have lots of toys but each cat seems to go through phases with them, so there doesnt seem to be any rivalry over toys at ours...............but you never know with kitties eh !!
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That's weird. But try the rubbing the toy on the other cat. Maybe put a little catnip on the toys so they both will play with them????
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It's a dominance issue and Sho is completely non confrontational. They're opposites even, slug and spastic kitten.
If Tomas takes over one of Sho's favorite sleep spots, he lets him. If Tomas wants whatever Sho's eating, Sho walks away. If he's laying in my lap and Tomas wants to push him out, he'll leave. Simply put, Sho's a big wuss.

Sho likes to lick at anything with catnip on it, it doesn't make him playful... it makes Tomas turn psycho, kicking himself, biting, growling, and attacking Sho roughly. So I have to be careful how much catnip he gets.

I'm going to try keeping certain toys away from Tomas and let Sho play with them when the little brat is occupied elsewhere. Unfortunately, Tomas found the toy I bought for Sho last night. He pried open the drawer I had it hid in... I was woke up this morning by him dropping the thing on my face, of course it was also sopping wet from a dunk in the water bowl.
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