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The last time I had a proper haircut was probably before most of you were born. I just cut the end of my plait of when it gets to long to coil up properly.
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Anakat...same here. I'm sure its been well over 15 years since I've let anyone else cut my hair. I cut it myself every couple of months...very easy to do and I like it that way.

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I finally got mine cut last week. It had been 2 1/2 years!
I went from 3/4 of the way down my back to right below my ears! Feels SO much better
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Couple times a year. I have very curly hair and go to a salon that specializes in curly hair (translation EXPENSIVE) but worth cause I'm had some nightmare haircuts.
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My hair doesn't grow very fast (except for the bangs), so its every few months - when I can't stand my bangs in my eyes, I go get it cut. This past haircut/color I got about 2 inches off the ends and of course shortened the bangs
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My hair falls to my waist, and I get it lightened and trimmed every 6-12 months, depending on how I feel and how much I can afford to spend.

Because my regular hair color doesn't go with my skin tone (it is too dark and makes me look ill) I have to pay for highlights.

I refuse to dye it completely because I don't have money to maintain the roots every 6 weeks. I think that's just stupid and a huge waste of money.

My hair is baby-fine and I can't go short with it because it just floats and becomes flyaway, and it won't stay in any kind of style. I also refuse to spend hours primping and $$ on "product." I need to be able to get up and go, none of this ridiculous waste my life in front of a mirror stuff.

Keeping it long, I can braid it, wear it up, wear it down, I can do all kinds of things with it if I choose to that I just wouldn't be able to do if it was short. Also, wearing braids when I ride my motorcycle helps me keep "helmet head" to a minimum.
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Well with my type of hair cut, it requires a cut/trim at least every 3 weeks. If I go longer it totally looks pathetic!
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We have a great hairdresser who visits us every few months - Though tomorrow is the last time she'll come for a while 'cos she's pregnant! She's cheaper than a salon and much friendlier too
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i usually get mine trimmed every 6 months
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I get it all cut off (shoulder-length) every two years or so. It gets too long! If I coulld find a good stylist here, I'd go every couple of months, and keep a nice style.

When I do get it cut, $80 later, I have to go home and even it out. So discouraging.
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Originally Posted by sharky View Post
I have fine hair that is wavy and about 3 headsworth.... My fav part is getting it thinned too! One time long ago I got highlights and it took two hours just to pull my hair through the cap! Every stylist that I go too says " have alot of hair!" Thinning is definately the way to go
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I have long, curly hair, so it doesn't require cutting too often. My mother still cuts it for me...she's a former stylist and the only one who's ever been able to get the hang of dealing with my curls. We do it every six months or so.
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I have long thick curly hair and I don't really enjoy going to get it cut. I can leave it for ages, basically, until I get loads of split ends and it gets too knotty then I go and have it cut. Everytime I go I promise myself after that I will go back before it gets too much of a mess but I never do!!
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Every 5 weeks
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I get mine cut every 4-6 weeks. I keep it pretty short and it's so thick that it really starts getting on my nerves if I let it get too long.
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Originally Posted by IloveSiamese View Post
Hair cut????

Personally, I dislike getting my hair cut. It's been over a year (it was a year April 7th), but I am going to give in and get my mane cut for student teaching. *sigh* I am just not talented when it comes to hair styling.
Im a licensed stylist and your suppose to get your hair cut/trimmed once a month! Hair on average grows 1/2 an inch a month, and to maintain healthy ends it is suggested to receive cuts monthly, do i do that? NOPE!!!! I can never find a stylist I like and when I tell them what I want done with my hair (down to specifics) it gets messed up or I have to fix things when I get home! I always cut my own side-swept bangs because no stylist can get them right besides myself! So as of this point probably once or twice a year! Eventhough I am a stylist I NEVER cut my own hair (besides bang trim) it is impossible to meet the right angles and proper position by yourself (no stylist I have met cuts their hair alone)!

Ever since I went to school and became licensed I have become very meticulous because that is the way I am with my clients, i expect the same in return when I am in someone elses chair! I notice mistakes normal people wouldn't in a flash, in a way it's kind of a curse!
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Originally Posted by kittiesx2 View Post too! One time long ago I got highlights and it took two hours just to pull my hair through the cap! Every stylist that I go too says " have alot of hair!" Thinning is definately the way to go
You should never pull long or dense hair through a cap, foils only! Hair gets tangled, uneven results, and color does not get close to the scalp with a cap! I hated using the cap, I would only use it on boys if I had to! Color is my specialty and for hair such as yours it would be more efficient (time) and the results magnificient with foils or highlighting papers! Caps are a thing of the past... I taught all my mentors how to foil and they never turned back to the cap afterwards! Not to mention the cap and hook hurts and can cause scalp abrasions!
Take no offense your stylist must have immense patience and muscle mass

Final note... You should never take a thinning shear or a razor (for a thinning or texture process) to curly or overly curly hair! A tip for your stylist if she ever recommends doing so it is a huge NO NO!
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I am horrible for getting mine cut..last time I waited a year!! I try to go every season though.
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