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getting friendly with the boys??

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hey everyone

looking for some advice. i have two girly kitties, just under 4 n a half months. we have been letting them out, not for long at night but enough to stretch their legs. earlier one of the girls met another bigger cat, not sure id imagine i was a boy. anyway she started rollin around on her side bareing her tummy to him. i was horrified hadnt seen her like that before so i thought she was getting receptive to boys and hurried her and her sister inside lol
i know generally girlies start becoming sexually mature at 5-6 months but that kinda worried me earlier. im going to phone the vets on monday and ask them for advice, theyre not even large kittens for their age, just wondering if anyone has a bit of advice for me thanks
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Sounds like she might be in heat, although she could have just been playing. They can start as young as 4 months and if she's becoming sexually mature she can get pregnant so I'd keep her indoors until you can get her spayed.
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thanks yeah thats what im worried about, im gonna keep them both in til i get advice from the vets on monday no way am i old enough to be a gran hahahha silly girlies. hope he was just playing altohugh my boyfriend said he saw the same cat hanging around the house earlier on.......hmm they seems really young for that.....but guess it just depends...gonna keep em in better safe then sorry....thanks for your answer
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Sounds like she was being 'submissive', showing him her tummy as a way of saying 'Please don't hurt me, see how candid I'm being?". When a female cat is in heat she'll turn her behind to a male, not her tummy.
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Originally Posted by Larke View Post
Sounds like she was being 'submissive'
I agree. Please keep them indoors until they are spayed or it's just a matter of time before they become pregnant, they don't need to be in heat.
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She could be in a first heat at 4 months old - Ling was 5 months old on first heat, we had her spayed at 6 months old (had to wait). Luckily she was only in heat a few days and not the full heat cycle most females have.

Keep them inside and make the appointment to spay both of them now. Its spring and sometimes that triggers kittens to come in sooner then expected. You don't want a 4 month old kitten to get pregnant. Most vets will do early spay/neuter. Get them scheduled

BTW a female in heat will seduce the males in ANY way - not just presenting the butt to him - they will roll on their tummys too.
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They'll roll or squirm/crawl on their tummies, but may not expose them.
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thanks for all your comments and thoughts. its been really nice weather for a change here but nope they have to stay in. i definitely dont want them to have kittens especially not that young. im gonna phone the vets and see what they say . they have free kitten classes apparently so can take them and get them assessed and see if they can be spayed yet. i hope so. since the weather is getting warmer its a shame to keep them in. but ill be keeping them in til they get spayed.
funnily enough i was wondering if it was submissive behaviour, but as im not sure im not taking any chances thanks
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BTW a male takes about a month to be sperm-free. So if he's done before her, he still can get her pregnant if she comes into heat. Schedule them both so you have no problems.
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I don't know where you live, and I understand that your customs may be different... but it really is not a shame to keep your kitties inside at all! It's so much safer for them.
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i didnt know that about males but we have two girls. when i figure out how to ill try and post a coupla pics for you all to see theyre pretty lil things but then im biased hehe
im in the uk, scottish but living in england which doesnt make that much sense! im gonna give the vets a call later and see what they can tell me.
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If the vet tells you that you have to wait until she's older it's worth pushing the point and telling them that you think she may be coming into heat and that tom cats are hanging around. Most vets over here will spay a female from about 4 months but a few still get funny about it and say you have to wait until she's 6 months. Some even still advise that they should go through a heat cylce before being spayed If they still say she's not old enough it would be worth ringing around other vets to see what they say as 4 months really is old enough to be spayed.
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yeah thats a good point something ive been thinking about myself. to be honest. thats the thing im not too sure if she is coming into season i dont have any prior experience to go on. shes pretty desperate to get out but her sister isnt. unless shes an earlier developer lol. ive been worried the vets will say theyre a lil young to be spayed but im gonna phone them and ask anyway. cats....cant live with them cant live without them hehehe
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its hard in the uk as many vets still wont fix cats before 5 - 6 months old.

I know none of them round me wouldn't do it till my boy was over 5 and half months
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When Mosi was 5 months I just told my vets I wanted him done! I don't have a regular vet as the practice I use is a mainly a referral centre so a series of interns do the general practice. I just booked him in and when I rang to confirm and check what time I should bring him in I spoke to the vet who was doing it and she did say perhaps he was a little young and did I not want to wait til 7/8 months! She was from overseas (not sure where from - a european country) and her idea of an ideal time seemed to be even later than UK vets. I just said I wanted him doing at 5 months and she was ok about it. He was quite big enough at that age!

I had Jaffa done at 5 months too. That was nearly 10 years ago and I was asked to take him in so that the nurse could have a look at him and see if he was big enough. They were happy to do him shortly after 5 months.

I wouldn't press a vet over here into doing an early neuter (when they're very young), even though I'm in favour of early spay and neuter in general, as I wouldn't be happy that they were experienced or knowledgeable enough to do the procedure on very young kittens but by 4 months for a female and 5 months for a male they're generally big enough to be done by UK vets no problem.
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well like i said im not entirely sure shes actually sexually mature although would the vets be able to tell just from examining her? hope so! little terrors :P
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The time to get her done is before she comes into heat so if she's not actually in heat at the moment all the more reason to try and get her done asap. Some vets don't like spaying them when they're actually in heat (I think it makes the tissues thicker? so the procedure's a little more difficult) although it can be done. So you can end up trying desperately to find a time between heat cycles.
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yeah youre right with that. i know every cat is different but ive been lookin at different sites and some say that when theyre in hear they kinda crouch down and start peddling with their hind legs etc. Tifa isnt doing that but is desperate to get out plus rolling around in front of that other cat...hmmm just make me think eek, i whisked them both into the house and theyve been grounded ever since
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well i was told what i thought was gonna happen - theyre too small to be done yet. theyre only small kitties, i dont think theyre gonna grow much more to be honest. the vet did say thet have spayed kitties earlier, 4.5 months or thereabouts but they have been bigger animals. she said the closer to 5, 6 months the better. she asked if i would be ok with getting them spayed if they didnt get caught but i wouldnt wanna do that

theyre not being allowed out for the time being, itll give me a chance to think about it all

is there any way i can put a pic on a post so everyone can see my lil cuties?
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If your vet will not spay before 5-6 months old, you really should keep her confined and away from any boys till she is done. The boys also need to be done - and they have to be watched for about a month after neutering cause they can still sire kittens during that time.
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thanks for your advice, if they were bigger for their age i think they would spay them its just cos theyre teeny lil cats if i could post pics it might help you see

im just gonna have to keep them in til theyre alil older so nasty smelly boys dont get their grubby paws on my girlies hehe :P can i post pics?
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