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Cat still not getting along with other two cats (after one year)

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I'm so desperate

I found two few days old orphans last july and bottle fed them. When they started eating solid, I introduced the to older cat, Ajci, following all the recommended steps for introducting, described here.

There was no succes - Ajci was afraid of the gorm the very beginning, followed by moderate aggression, nothing serious.

As they were not getting along, I was becoming more and more desperate. I posted here and was told, that the're on the way to loving cat realtionship (Ajci hit the kittens just if they came to close and bugged her).

I was hoping that this will be the case and that they just need more time, but unfortunately, I was wrong. Their relationship is getting worse every day.

We live in a two story buliding - my parents on the first floor, me, my boyfriend and three cats on the second one. Ajci was allowed on the first floor from the very beginning and she was also allowed to go on our backyard with our supervision, so she didnt' run away. She loves to go out and is devastated when we carry her back in, she's crying all the time to go back out.

When we bring her back on the second floor (she won't gor by herself, no way), she gets sooooo aggressive , she starts hitting Coco and Voodoo (the other two), she sometimes hisses and often growls at me and my boyfriend when we bring her up. Today, when we came back on the second floor (she was already upstairs), she started hitting the little two, when they came to greet us and after my bf went from the room, where the stairs are, she started growling, hissing and slashed his hand. All pissed, she started LOOKING for Coco and Voodoo, just to hit them.

We try to give her as many attention as we can, we often pet her first, even if she doesn't come to greet us.

My question now is what to do. Do we let her live with my parents, so she isn't constantly bothered by Coco and Voodoo (they don't find her threatning. After she hits them, they want to play with her) or we keep upstairs. Do we tell her she did a bad thing when she hits them or do we pet her to calm her down?

She lost quite a lot of weight since Coco and Voodoo came and is a bit lethargic.

Please, help me.
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sorry youre having a bit of a hard time, maybe the solution would be for her to live with your parents you could still go visit when you wanted but least she wouldnt be able to pick on the others not easy tho is it
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I have a similar problem with my female cat. I take my cats out for supervised trips in our back yard. Whenever she has to come in she attacks the males because she's frustrated with me but her actual cat mommy taught her well and she doesn't try to bite me. I guess she feels she has to take it out somewhere. I'm still working on that particular problem at my house so I don't have an answer for what to do yet but there seems to be a connection to Kit's frustration about being outdoors and her aggression to the boys. Incidentally, Kit has known Friday since she was about 5 weeks old so in her case it isn't an issue of like or dislike. They've been friends for years.
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Is your cat de-sexed? If she isn't, that's most of your problem. She should go to the doctor and have the little operation, then be kept in the house all the time. It will be hard at first, but she will get used to it and will live many years longer (it's dangerous outside for cats).
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This isn't likely to help much, but you're story sounds awfully like my Ophelia's. Ophelia is female cat aggressive in a hosue with 4 other female cats. Basically....you're best bet is to keep one kitty on one floor & the other two on the other. Then....perhaps you can try the re-introduction process in a few weeks.
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