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toilet problems

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How do i stop the cat from drinking out of the toilet ? I have to leave the lid up on it because of my daughter using it + hes got fresh water in the kitchen any ideas
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Mine get a squirt of water on the booty when they stick there head in it. It's a slow process but it's working.
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thanks jason but squirting water at him does'nt seem to bother him at all.any other ideas ?
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Squirting water at a kitty is never a good idea. I would get a really strong lemon scented deodarizer and hang it near the toilet. I would also keep the door closed if your daughter can manage doorknobs. Other than that keeping it spotlessly clean and not putting harsh cleaners in the water would be my only other suggestion.
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thanks hissy i'll give it a go
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Kitty probably thinks that toilet water is more "fresh" than the stuff in his water bowl. There are pet fountains on the market, not too terribly expensive, that could solve the problem.

This was taken off of www.meowhoo.com where they have anything and everything you and your cat has ever dreamed of. This product is available at local pet supply stores, too.

Drinkwell Pet Fountain
Does your cat desire running water? This product will fill your need.
5635 Riggins Court Suite 20 Reno NV USA
Phone: 800-805-7532 / 775-322-2530 email: info@petfountain.com
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The problem I had with it is it leaks. I kept having water appear and couldn't figure out why. When we placed a towel under the fountain it was soaked. Maybe mine was defective? Anyone else have a problem with this?!
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