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What was your most memorable...

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Birthday???? How old were you and what did you or friends/family do to make it that memorable????
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I turned 11 on the night that the Jays won the World Series for the second year in a row. I had about 5 other little girls over and we had our sleeping bags set up in the basement. We had been watching scary movies with all the lights off. When Joe Carter hit the Grand Slam homerun to win the game, my mom, in the room directly above us, started SCREAMING and jumping around. Well, having just made it through Nightmare on Elmstreet, we all feared the worst! Several girls screamed, we all grabbed the nearest "weapons" and ran upstairs to find out what was going on. Of course, it was just a celebration, but I'll never forget that sleepover. Mom was so happy, she let us stay up extra late that night!
One girl was so scared by the experience that she ended up having to call her mother to be taken home! LOL
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AWE!! That is such a sweet memory!!

My best birthday was when I turned 13 (so far). My mom let me have boys at my party lol and she made us a lot of great food and made lame jokes but it was so cute. We played outside and ran through the sprinkler, then came in and went down stairs. We listened to music and danced. All 10 girls slept over, along with myself and 3 younger sisters. I had my own room with a queen sized water bed and somehow seven of us ended up sleeping on it LOL. It was just a fun day all together and just joyful.

I turn 21 in less than a month now, but it won't be anything special unfortunately. Atleast it's not like when I turned 16 and my b-day was on mother's day.
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My favorite one was when I was about 12, and my parents let me have about 10 of my friends over and we camped out in our backyard, tents and all. Every little noise we heard made us gather together and start telling stories to keep us from being scared. We were up all night...My parents bedroom window faced the backyard and they slept with it open all night to be able to hear us, so needless to say they had no sleep also. But it was so much fun in the tent and such..What a great memory..
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It was my 23rd birthday. I don't remember much of it but I know I had fun. LoL
I remember dancing on stage with a local band. It was a crazy year.
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My most memorable birthday was after high school graduation, a group of friends and I went to France, and on the last night of our trip I turned 18...of course, the legal drinking age over there was 16, so we got CROCKED. I was so sick when we were at the airport at 3:00 a.m. to catch our flight...blah!!!!!!!!! But we had so much fun, and had went out dancing, and shopping, and had a nice meal. It was great. Now sobering up on a LONG flight...NOT FUN!!! Many trips to the lavatory!!!
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My 40th birthday was spent sailing out of Miami on a luxury cruise ship. Seven days, in the Western Caribbean, was wonderful.
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My DH surprised me for my 40th b-day and took me on a cruise and when I got on the ship 2 of my best friends were there too, he paid for them to come
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My thirteenth Birthday. I was on a Ferry crossing to Nova Scotia on that birthday.
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lol for my 18th birthday i got 4 months in jail for, getting into a fight.
someone sould have told that cop,not to grab people in a back alley at 3am when they are loading band EQ. i had no idea he was a cop,
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This story kinda sucks! My 31st birthday, I came home slightly tipsy from drinking, and did my dishes at 4am. Was washing a glass that broke and sliced my left hand open( I am left handed), went to the emergency room and got 28 stitches, with no local. All the skin was removed right off my pointer finger knuckle and the tendon sliced, they couldn't even find the nerves. I was a trooper though! Hand is good now, just sensitive to cold and rain.
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When I was 11 and 12. I had sleep over parties and invited about 10 girls to spend the night. We watched "Pet Semetary" and "Friday the 13th". We also dressed up in prom dresses that my mom had left over from her old bridal shop. I put our group pic in our senior class video, and it was shown at our graduation.
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2 birthdays ago when I turned 17, my friend ashley was over and we had my pap and gram up too and we all celebrated together, it was right before my pap got real sick and he passed away 2 months later
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