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Corky the Hunter

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Somehow Corky have managed to bring a pigeon into the house

I saw some feathers earlier on but couldn't see any bird, so presumed the bird must have got away, but I have now found it hiding in the kitchen.

We tried to coax it out the house, and noticed it had 1/2 its wing taken off so we caught it, well I did Richard squealed like a little girl , and now I am waiting for the rspca to turn up.

Of course Corky now has a smug look about, thinking she is a clever hunter bringing us a present back. Thats the last time I let her watch any of the nature programmes I am sure thats where she gets her hunting ideas from.

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Reminds me of my friend's cat, Boris (now sadly deceased). He was a real softy in the house, but a monster outside. Pigeons, starlings, sparrows, finches - it was like the whos-who of British birds dead in her garden. He would also bring home mauled and stunned pigeons and dump them in the kitchen. She had the RSPCA number on speed-dial.
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Corky is proud...... and want to bring you a present!!!!!

Silly cat!

(Remember they are hunters!)
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Good grief!!! Poor licke bird, but after all it WAS a present for you - you should be GRATEFUL!!! :laughing: I'm sure the RSPCA will look after him and release him soon

Monty once brought me a huge Magpie!! I have no idea how he managed to get it, it was almost as big as him!! :laughing: since that little incident however, they all have bells on their collars to give the birds a fighting chance, and thankfully, we haven't had any "gifts" brought to us since!!

FlimFlam, that is too funny!!! RSPCA on speed dial!! :LOL:
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Oh - that is my one serious horror - one of the cats (well Ferdy, the others as so fluffy they trip over their fur before they get to a bird), will bring a bird in.

Treacle and Maple, my neighbours cats used to leave birds in the garden - but a stunned one flying around the house is my ultimate nightmare - I have a HUGE phobia of birds and feathers.

Funny thing is, although I don't really like birds due to my fear, I get quite upset at the thought of a dead or hurt one.

When I hit a pigeon on the way to work in summer I actually arrived at the office in tears! How irrational is that? The bird wasn't even hurt, it just clipped the roof of my car very lightly.

On another matter (and this must've been in almost the same place as where I clipped the bird), I am SO angry. I got a letter through the post from the police saying I'd been caught speeding (not excessively - just a couple of mph over) by a mobile speed camera. 20 years driving without an endorsement, and now I get a fine and 3 points on my licence.

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Yola that sucks!!! My hubby got one just after he passed his test, he was driving down a road he'd never been down before in his life, there were no speed limit signs anywhere, a police officer stopped him because he was speeding, hubby explained he didn't know the road and there were no speed limit signs anywhere, the officer said "well you've just passed you're test right?? So you should know what the speed limit is by the spacing of the lamposts"?!!??!?! Oh yeah, lemme just get a tape measure and check.... ( I know you ARE supposed to be able to tell from that, but I wouldn't have a clue how far apart they are??!!!)
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Well - it isn't on my Christmas wish-list and it obviously isn't on yours either, but I guess kitty wouldn't know that!

And boy - guess I'm glad I don't live in the UK. You're supposed to know the speed from the spacing of the lamp posts? Ugh.
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Yeah Laurie - don't ask. Just one of the weird, wonderful and downright daft anomalies of living in the little island!

My personal solution is to go so fast you can't even see the lamposts!!!
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Police Officer "Didn't you SEE the speed limit sign??"

Yola "No Officer, I was going too fast, it was all a blur"

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That's the problem exactly!!!

I really should get myself another 2CV that way they'd be no chance of breaking ANY speed limits, as the blasted thing would never start!

But at least we have a decent(ish) top speed limit here on motorways and such. Isn't it only 50mph in the US on the freeways or have I been reading the wrong statistics?
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Suki brought a mouse in some time back, but we never saw it. How do we know? Well at the back of the sink is a hollow, I blocked it off ages back with a sheet of ply-wood. Something had nibbled through it. Suki was pacing backwards and forwards for days. We tried to catch the mouse with a humain trap but it never fell for it. We never did see that mouse........ :tounge2:
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We have a small storage room on the top floor of our house.

When Ken worked from home, he had left the door open to this cupboard and there was no cover over the attic hatch which is in the ceiling of the cupboard.

Well, all of a sudden this bird comes crshing through the hatch and flies into our home office (on the same floor). The starling is obviously panicked senseless, and this was not helped any by Balie (our only cat at the time - and a kitten at this point) screaming through the rooms after the bird.

Ken finally pulled the sash down as far as it would go, and the bird flew out - with Balie nearly following it out!!

Thankfully I was out at work at the time. I've nagged and nagged for him to replace the cover, but it's still open.

Ken went into the storeroom recently and there was a small bird which had obviously died of fright in there. I had a REAL go at him over this. Aparently that explained why the cats had been glued to the outside of the door for the past 3 days.

I won't go in there now until he closes the hatch up. But I'm still mad about it - poor little birdie!

I'm defintely going to get him to fix it this weekend.
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Well this wasn't really a cats fault, but seeing as we're atlking about small creatures falin from weird places.... heres a little story for ya...

When I lived at home, we had a ton of hamsters.... we always used to let them out to have a run around in the dining room and play for a bit, when one day, one just decided to climb up the back of the fireplace!! (up the chimney!) I was sooo upset!! We tried for days to coax him down, put humane traps out with cheese etc, but nothing worked!! At night when we were in bed we could hear him scrabbling about in the roof space!!
Anyway almost two weeks had gone by and we could still hear him at night scrabbling around, when one day my sisters and I were sat watching TV in the dining room, all was quiet, until we heard a small scuffle, and the hammie just plopped out the bottom of the fire!!! :LOL: The poor thing was black!! He had previously been a white hammie!! :LOL: He was just fine though, we cleaned him up and put him back in his bage, and he acted like nothing had ever happened.... he never went up the chimney again though... :laughing2
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I bet he didn't, poor little mite!

We had hamsters too. One of ours got out (they used to bite the cage so hard the top wire bit would move and they'd squeeze through the gap (this was b4 rotastaks).

Anyway this little critter got out and we searched for DAYS for it. No luck. My brother and I were distraught.
Well, one day my Mum went into her larder and heard this plaintive squeaking.

The little chap had only fallen into an (empty) ceramic vase which narrowed at the neck, so he couldn't climb out.

He was thin, hungry and thirsty but otherwise ok. Funnily enough he must've been a little survivor as he far outlived any of the others we had.

I suppose with yours, the only good thing was that he could live on spiders and stuff in the attic and between the floorboards, coz 2 weeks is a loooong time.
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I know!! We kept wondering what he was eating as we could hear him waddeling around every night!!

Glad you found your poor little hammie and were able to rescue him in time!! THey are such fun little creatures to have around!!
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Yola, it hasn't been 50 mph for a long time! LOL On most highways it is now 65 mph, and on the interstates it is 75 mph. Of course, that really means at least 70 mph on the highway and 80+ mph on the interstates, but who's checking?

You were talking about the photo radar thing, we have that in Colorado, too. People got so mad about being ambushed by the white vans (they park a white van on the side of the road and take pictures from that) that they changed how they can do it. Now, at least in Denver, they can only do it in neighborhoods and school zones, and they have to put up a sign before you get to the van saying that they are there. LOL Sad thing is, people still get tickets!
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Yeah - there's beginning to be a big back-lash against it here too!

They've had to paint all the static road camera bright yellow (from the grey there were) because people were complaining of entrapment.

Also, they said the cameras needed to be visible as people would realise they were there at the last minute and brake hard, potentially causing accidents.

Well, now they're yellow/orange in colour people are complaining that they are visible and drivers a breaking TOO EARLY and causing accidents in advance of the cameras.

You just can't win!

The swines that got me must've been in a van, I swear I would've noticed a bloke with a speed gun by the side of the road!
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