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Introductions, and a few questions

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We picked up Juliet yesterday. She's staying on the third floor right now, which is just one large room. Puppy slept in our bedroom as usual. They can see each other through a vent in the third floor door. Pups hissed at her once, then there were only meows back and forth.

This morning, we let her come into our room for half an hour while Puppy was in the rest of the house. He had sniffed her on our clothes before and seemed ok. Well, she slept on his blanket. Not good. When he came back later, he was quite upset. He meowed very loudly several times. To make it worse, she was mewing in the third floor. So he walked over to her door and hissed about 5 times...

The problem is, she's used to a house with 40 cats and 3 people. The third floor smells only like her, since none of us ever go in it. She was really happy in the bedroom, presumably because it smelt like two humans and a cat. Any ideas? I was hoping to give her some more bedroom time, but I think she's staying in her room for now, until Puppy calms down.

Also, she still smells like the foster home. Should I give her a bath, or will that totally traumatize her right now?

Last question: She refuses to eat. Puppy ate right away (and when she was in our bedroom, he wandered up to her room and ate her food too....) She has used the litterbox once. How long until I should worry?

BTW, we've chosen her new name to fit in the family. She's going to be Bunny.
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Congratulations! I'm glad to hear that she's home
Try rubbing both cats with a towel or small blanket and then leaving it in the other's "territory" so that they get used to each other's scent. Hissing is a VERY normal reaction to a new cat in their space. Not a big deal, just take it slow and they'll get over it Switching space is also a good idea so that the scent's combine but you may want to wait a day or two longer. Try the towel switch first. I wouldn't give her a bath if she's stressed, maybe wipe her down with a babywipe or washcloth instead?

?? Is she eating a food that she's familiar with?? Maybe try all meat babyfood or canned tuna to entice her??

I think that if she's used the litterbox once already she should be fine as long as she get's some food in her within the next 12-24 hrs..
Welcome home Bunny
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Whoops, sorry, put this in the wrong section. Mods, can you please move it?
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