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Help with fungal (?) infection..

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I work at a cat rescue and someone just brought some cats to me at my house.. They were let loose after their owner died, and came to live with these people. Anyway, i noticed one of the cats, a gorgeous medium-longhair dilute calico, had a bulge to her upper lip on one side. I took a look at it from underneath and it looks like some sort of fungal or other infection. It is pretty swollen and has got to be uncomfortable. Is there anything i can do for her before i can take her in to our vet on Monday? I don't think her life is in danger by any means, but it looks pretty nasty.
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Sounds more like an abcess to me. Is there not a vet you can get to look at and treat it today? An abcess always concerns me and considering where the problem is I wouldn't want to wait for treatment.

Best wishes and healthy vibes to you and these fur kids.
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I'm thinking either abscess or a rodent ulcer, which would also look like you described. Does she appear to be in pain at all? Are there any puncture wounds or anything on the inflammed area? Can she eat? If it is an abscess, it would need medical attention now, whereas a rodent ulcer could wait until Monday. I can't think of anything you could do for it before a vet sees it, though.

Best wishes and thank you for what you do in cat rescue. Those kitties are lucky to have been brought to you.
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