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Litter Locker has arrived!

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OK, so it was purchased used. I only paid $10 (including shipping, thank you very much,) and it arrived with a brand new cartridge included, although I did spend $10 for another one so I'd have it on hand...separate ebay transaction, LOL.

Anyhoo, it came in the original box, and setting it up was pretty easy. Even though it was used, it was clean and had no odor whatsoever. Good feedback for that eBay seller.

BUT, the plastic frame just doesn't fit flush together, and the button in the front that holds the top and bottom together is warped a bit backward, so it doesn't really stay locked closed. Which presents a problem when turning the wheel, as the whole thing can just "let go."

I see the use of duct tape in the future. But I paid so little for it, what the heck.

It is now set up next to the litter box in the kitchen, and I will begin using it tonight when I do my daily 6 p.m. scooping. I am hoping that I like it, as I will be setting up a new litterbox in my bedroom in 6 weeks. New kitty means new litterbox.

Ferris and Ginger have done quite well sharing - I had offered them two at one time, but Ferris likes to pee and poop right on top of Ginger's leavings, so I went back down to one. I think he "claims" her that way or something.

So, I'll report back to you guys later about how it works for me. I'll definitely be duct-taping the sides shut, though. It will ruin the look, but whatever works. If I like it enough, I can always invest in a brand-spanking new one at a later date.

Oh - and Ferris has claimed the discarded plastic ring from the litter locker cartridge. It's like a giagantic milk jug ring - he's in kitty heaven. But he keeps stepping on the bottom of it as he tries to carry it into the other room - it's at least 6 inches around!
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Good deal, Betsy! I can't wiat til Penny comes home and you get the fun of 3 kits at once!!

And poor Ferris, all he wants to do is play...
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Oh duct tape works wonders on everything.. Let us know how it goes.
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Cool!! I had no Idea what a litter locker was, so I looked on line,a nd it reminds me of a Diaper genie!
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Wow, I had no idea such a device even existed! What will they think of next??
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I have one and I love it. The front doesn't lock together for me either, which only presents a problem when I try and move it. Also I tend to get litter inside the litter locker SOMEHOW which I have to clean up every time I change it. But it's great, I'm really glad I got it. It holds in odors very well although I still give it a spray with bathroom spray just in case.

The only problem I have is there isn't enough warning when the bags are going to run out. It is supposed to show a dotted line when it's almost ready to change, and then a solid line when you absolutely have to change it. It seems like it goes from no line to a solid line right away.

I did find too that if you want each cartidge to last a month as it says, that you can only use it once per day. Any more than that and it last about 2 weeks before you have to change it.
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I just got one free in the UK, as part of a promo ddeal (I had to buy two large bags of litter from Pets At Home. So I am also trying it for the first time! Mine seems to fit together OK so far.
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You're going to love it! We really like ours.
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They sound awesome, I need one for my boys!
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I just got one free in the UK, as part of a promo ddeal (I had to buy two large bags of litter from Pets At Home. So I am also trying it for the first time! Mine seems to fit together OK so far.
We did the same thing last week! I love it, and it all fits together right. BF does the 'technical' bit when emptying it though as I tried last time and it didn't quite work!! I managed to just leave a whole at the bottom of the bag Hehehe
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Well, I scoop once a day, normally, and I use clumping litter (A&H.)

The first use, no problem, except that the wheel didn't automatically stop like it is supposed to, so we went just past the halfway mark. Wheel turned easily enough, no problem.

Second use, no noticeable odor coming from the thing (yay.) Scooped, deposited, tried to turn the wheel. Had a hard time turning, had to move the thing and hold it with both feet while turning (and making sure the top half didn't come apart from the bottom half, as I wasn't able to find my duct-tape over the weekend.)

Finally got it to turn, it stopped when it was supposed to.

We'll see how it goes tonight - I'm sure it turns easier if you don't use clumping litter, but I just can't see using any other kind, personally.

So far, it gets an A- grade. The minus is because of difficulty turning, other than that, I'm loving it so far!
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