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Cat sitting problem

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My son was called away on business for two weeks. So we brought his 3 year old female Maine Coon cat to our house. We have a one and a half year old male Maine Coon who is actually her half brother. We have had them visit each other for a few hours before.

My sons cat is obviously not happy and hiding under a bed a lot and not eating. My cat is obviously upset with having a stranger in his home and is bothering her even though she is much bigger. They don't really fight, just rough play and then my sons cat runs under a bed.

Apart, they are sweet, loving cats.

My question.... will things ever settle down? Or should we just take her back to his empty home (she is used to a quiet empty environment) and stop by every day to give her food and water.
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My personal opinion would be to take her back to her natural surroundings and stop by daily to check on her. She doesn't understand why he's gone and why she is there and not back home. Does he live far away? Hopefully not because I'm sure it would be hard to keep going out there daily. And maybe put on some music or some tv so it's not so quiet there. Noise is also comforting. Hope that helps.
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I agree, but it's vital that when you let her back in, you check everything in the place for potential trouble. Presumably she's used to it all, but knowing he'd be away, your son may have left things out or open, etc. that he might not otherwise do (e.g. does he usually keep the bathroom open - at least put the lid down!) but be careful not to close off her box or toys, etc. and do leave her a snack when you go.
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