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The Truth About Munchkin

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I had to almost strap Gary down today to prevent him from heading over to the Vet.

Here's the story. Munchkin turned up at our feeders about October 4th or 5th. She was teeny weeny. We thought she was part of a new batch of kittens from a pregnant mom we'd seen in August.

We took her to the Vet along with one of the other cats that needed to be spayed, but we were worried about Munchie's health (because she was so small), so she saw the Vet. There are four Doctors there - this was the owner, who we'd never seen before (we'd met him, but he'd never seen any of our cats before). They all know us there. He told Gary that this baby kitten was about 6 months old. That would mean she had to be the "lost" one from the first litter (the litter from which we adopted Lazlo and Sheldon). "What a survivor!," we thought. We left her there to be X-rayed because it seemed she had a problem with her bowels, but X-rays showed nothing wrong. They expressed her bladder, and she eventually had a bowel movement, and all seemed o.k. And they spayed her. So we brought her back, and released her.

Then it got cold, one of the cats mauled her, and we took her back to the Vets on either Halloween or the Friday morning after. We picked her up Sunday (she needed a few stitches, dewormed again, some antibiotics, etc.) One of the Doctors we work with regularly saw her. Gary asked how old she thought the kitten was, and she said it's so hard to tell, but maybe three months.

Gary didn't go nuts then, and we just kind of let it go. BAD US.

She's been here since Sunday. She is so small and SUCH A KITTEN, yesterday he called the Vet to talk to the owner to ask on what basis he made the age estimate. He got back to us this morning and said that the kitten had its adult teeth coming in, and Gary had said he'd been feeding her for "a little while." O.K. granted. Gary should have said a few days.

That kitten wasn't getting it's adult teeth in - if teeth were coming in, they were her baby teeth!!!!!!!!

But is that even possible? I looked it up last night, and it says the teeth start coming in at 8 to 10 days old. For how long do they grow? Because we started feeding her Oct 4 or 5 - so if baby teeth were still growing in, how old could she have been? Dummies that we are, it just occured to us that THE REASON SHE HAD A PROBLEM WITH HER BOWELS was that she was still weaning and shouldn't have been eating solid food yet!

At 1.9 lbs. with teeth growing in - could she have been 3 or 4 weeks old? I've found all kinds of places that tell me when their teeth start growing in, but nowhere does it say how long it takes them to come in.

All I know is, this is a mystery.

And Gary is FLAMING MAD that they would have been so irresponsible as to spay a kitten that young!!!!!!!!

Poor Munchkin!

(P.S. I think she's staying. Poor thing has had diarrhea as she adjusts to the new food and environment. She's a spaz in the litterbox, so we have to clean her each time she goes to the bathroom. Gary loves her to death, and they have some kind of bond going on. Last night he said - I'm not putting all this work into her just to give her away to someone else! LOL! Besides - Lazlo and Shelly have stopped just staring at her all the time. They've both established that they're bigger than her, and now they let her "attack" them without hurting her [not that we ever allowed her to get hurt once inside - just she can "attack" them now without anyone arching, hissing, growling or putting ears back]. We had a round-robin of tail-biting/playing this morning that was just hysterical!)
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Another Munchie pic:
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poor baby looks zonked out in that picture Laurie!

A kitty's baby teeth are all in place by two months old. There are 26 teeth total. Then by the time she is 6 months old, those teeth are gone and are replaced by 30 adult teeth.

Congrats on another addition- you softie!
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Munchkin is just beautiful, and has such lovely eyes.

Is Munchkin okay now? Sounds like she's better than she was. Poor little mite
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So she could have been anywhere from 5 - 8 weeks old in early October? Which means she's now somewhere from 9 - 12 weeks old?

And yes, she's fine. Still loose bowels, but not runny diarrhea. She's SOOOO HAPPY, and loves it that the big kitties will play with her.

And actually, in that picture, she's not zonked at all. She's in the middle of playing - it's just the flash flashes before the picture snaps (some red-eye reduction thing?) so I've been having a hard time getting a pic with her eyes just open!
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And I LOVE the black "eyeliner" she has. It does make her eyes just incredible!
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I am glad she is doing better.

She looks like a sweetie, especially as she looks like she has been raiding someones makeup bag

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She is so adorable! I wish I weren't already over my kitty limit!
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Man if you guys weren't keeping her I want her! She is so sweet. I can't believe how horrid some vets are. My friend had a cat that was having trouble walking and the vet said that bone had disappeared from her leg and they would either have to amputate or put her down - she had a pulled muscle.

Poor baby should not have had to have surgery so young!
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Aw now I want another cat to keep Suki company when we're out working

Although she'd probably just chase it and do her best to get rid, she's a jealous cat. She even managed to drag a stuffed toy out of our bed and hide it :P
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Laurie, I'm so happy Munchkin is living with you! Poor little lamb! She's had been through the mill before you took her in. Now, she has Gary's and your magic working for her--love and care.
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Well, regardless of how old she is, she is in a good place now. That is too bad that she was spayed so young, but as long as she is in good health now that's about all you can ask for. She is a real cutie.
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Laurie, its awful that the vets couldn't tell how old she was - especially if they were spaying her!!!
But as everyone else has said, she's in a good place now!! She is such a cutie!! All the best to you!!
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Gary and I were SO worried that we'd done some kind of damage (well - that the Vet had). It was really heartbreaking there for a little while.

She is SO SWEET and really just such a little lamb.

She has totally taken over the household, and although she's letting Lazlo think he's the boss, we all know who really is!

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She is so cute!!!

I think because of the red eye flash, she always looks mad in the pics. But even then, she is a real doll.
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Laurie, just to put your mind at ease - it is possible to spay kittens as young as 8 weeks without a problem. The recommended age is 4 months, but as early as 8 weeks is totally ok and so my guess is even 6 weeks can actually be done without risking the kitten (as they take a safety margin with the 8 weeks).

True, that vet should have taken a better look, but the bottom line is that if a competent vet performed the operation Munchie was probably not at any risk because of her age.

And, she is georgeous! Reminds me of mom's cat Kiki (who is no longer with us ) :

He used to have that black eyeliner too
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Anne - what a cutie! I'm so sorry he passed away. Their eyes remind me of egyptian paintings or something! It's so cool.

And Heidi - you're right. And the funny thing is, she doesn't ever look mad in person! (in cat?)

I've taken so many and deleted them all - I just can't seem to get a picture of the "real" Munchie!
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Right the first time, Laurie! PERSON And they would like us to keep that in mind, as we keep our place !
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Laurie, I just LOVE the pics you post of her!! (even if she does look a little evil!! :laughing: )

So, Munchie (the female) is ruling the house, and Lazlo (the male) THINKS he is, ahh, all is right with the world.... everything is as it should be..... :laughing2
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Rhea & Jeanie - fabulous! I needed a good laugh this morning!

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Glad to be of assisstance!!
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Laurie is is a doll!!!!!!!!! so beautiful and so lucky to have you both! I am sorry that life started out so bad for the little mite but you are both doing a great job and she looks fantastic! Give her a big cuddle from me
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Veterinarians can be so blind by their sense of power! It's good that nothing bad happened, what if she died??? I wouldn't have kept Gary strapped down then ~ I'd be pushing him out the door! Thank goodness nothing happened, what a sweetheart!
HINT: Trying grabbing Munchkins attention with your left hand while taking the pictures with the right. You might get better pictures.
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Munchkin is such a cutie!!! I just want to pick her up and cuddle her!!!

I'm sorry about the problems with the vet, but it sounds like from Anne's post, she will be okay!

I'm so glad you have decided to keep her!!!
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She is sooo cute. She looks just like my Jessie except Jessie is much bigger of course. Jessie also has the "eye makeup". So glad you are keeping her.
Blessed Be.
Mom to Jessie, Nikkie, Luckie, Lady, Sammy & Sassy Bear
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What a cutey!
Sorry to hear about her health problems and I hope she's ok now.
Draco was spayed last week before he travelled here and he's fine.
I trust that both the breeder and vet would definitely not do surgery like that if there was any chance it would do him harm.
It might be different with females, being a different sort of surgery. But from what Anne has said it should be fine.
Keep posting pics of the little sweety pie!
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