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I do feel for your situation, Spirita. Please don't think I'm an old crabby nag, or that I don't appreciate all of your heartfelt efforts.

I just hope and pray that everything works in your favor. Right now, as the situation stands, there's a lot of room for things to go wrong, and the possibility of having a poor outcome is rather high. THIS IS NOT YOUR FAULT. I do think you can become an even stronger advocate for Mika and her kittens, and do what is best (even though I know how heart-breaking the decision will be), and surrender her to a no-kill rescue, where she can have the babies safely, and then later be spayed. I only recommend this if your sister can't take Mika, or your grandmother...these are very promising and viable options, however, that I think you should look into ASAP, as Mika's close to delivery.

I just don't see your folks budging on this issue, and what a shame. At least you have a strong and caring heart, and are trying to act in the best interests of your pets...Hershey also deserves better. But, as people on Chazhound told you...although it isn't ideal that Hershey be thrown outside permanently, I do feel that you need him, and he needs you, and that Hershey could do A LOT WORSE in the way of homes. Hershey's neutered, is fed/watered, played with, and is deeply loved by YOU. Mika's situation to me is different. She will NOT be spayed under your parents' jurisdiction, and will continue having more and more kittens. I guarantee that her little body will suffer from that over time...and she also would be safer delivering and caring for her litter indoors. I just see too many things wrong with allowing her to deliver outdoors, only to lose her kittens, have them killed, and then becoming immediately pregnant again and again.

As far as the whole "I'd be angry as a parent if a group of adults were telling my child what to do" thing goes, I have a very different view. The only people your parents should be angry and disappointed in is themselves...and I would definitely say as much to their faces.

Shame on them for not caring enough about Mika, or allowing you to do what is right by her and her litter...because somewhere deep in the recesses of their hearts, they know you're right about this too. They are basically putting their own desires first, which so many humans do, even if they know it isn't entirely right. Do I think your parents are bad or evil people? Not necessarily, but their actions are harmful, and selfish. And no, I feel no hesitation in calling it like I see it, even if you are their child.

There is a greater good here, and it has nothing whatsoever to do with other people directing a child's behavior toward her parents. It has everything to do with a young lady who is caught between a rock and a hard place...she is torn between obeying her parents as a minor (whose behavior is irresponsible, selfish, and plain ol' wrong), or doing the right thing. THAT is the issue we are really dealing with here.

I say, keep the greater good in mind, and I think you know what I mean.
Very, very well put. I agree.

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very nicely put , but you still have to understand its not there cat so they dont HAVE to do anything. yes i would take in this cat , or any other animal that needed me , but not everyone is like that.
there could be money issues involved , there could be a number of reasons as to why they will not take mika in , and thay may not have told spirita the hole truth about the reasons so not to worry her.
and i agree , spirita has a big heart . yes i think if she can not bring this cat in , let her have her kittens then get her spayed mika should be found a nice warm home , or as you said a no kill shelter. but if this dosnt happen i wish her and mika all the very best.
Mika is their cat, she's just an outdoor cat who is not allowed inside.